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Synonyms for counterpart

Synonyms for counterpart

one that has the same functions and characteristics as another


something closely resembling or analogous to something else

one of a matched pair of things

Synonyms for counterpart

a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another

a duplicate copy

References in classic literature ?
Surely they have no counterpart in the earth's history.
Strasburg Cathedral is a material counterpart of the soul of Erwin of Steinbach.
Clever talk alarmed her, and withered her delicate imaginings; it was the social; counterpart of a motorcar, all jerks, and she was a wisp of hay, a flower.
There is an instinct for rhythmic relations which embraces wide areas of forms (length, the need of a wide-embracing rhythm, is almost the measure of the force of an inspiration, a sort of counterpart to its pressure and tension).
Crisparkle recognised (in a suit of black) the counterpart of a deceased benefactor of his species, an eminent public character, once known to fame as Frosty- faced Fogo, who in days of yore superintended the formation of the magic circle with the ropes and stakes.
So far as regarded Rachel Verinder's pecuniary interests, it was, word for word, the exact counterpart of the first Will.
CAPTAIN MACWHIRR, of the steamer Nan-Shan, had a physiognomy that, in the order of material appearances, was the exact counterpart of his mind: it presented no marked characteristics of firmness or stupidity; it had no pronounced characteristics whatever; it was simply ordinary, irresponsive, and unruffled.
You wonder for a long time how she goes on, for there seems to be nobody in charge of her; and when another of these dull machines comes splashing by, you feel quite indignant with it, as a sullen cumbrous, ungraceful, unshiplike leviathan: quite forgetting that the vessel you are on board of, is its very counterpart.
It contained several large streets all very like one another, and many small streets still more like one another, inhabited by people equally like one another, who all went in and out at the same hours, with the same sound upon the same pavements, to do the same work, and to whom every day was the same as yesterday and to-morrow, and every year the counterpart of the last and the next.
Without encountering any more remarkable adventure on the road, than meeting a lad in a brimless hat, the exact counterpart of his old one, on whom he bestowed half the sixpence he possessed, Kit arrived in course of time at the carrier's house, where, to the lasting honour of human nature, he found the box in safety.
They are the earthly counterparts of the heavenly lovers, the Cow-herd and the Spinning-maid in the constellations of Lyra and Aquila.
Like its south, east and west counterparts, it was a solid two-story brick affair.
THE Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has warned people to be aware of the changes that took effect from June 8, when the paper counterpart for the driving licence was scrapped.
The calls came from Qatari counterpart Khaled Al-Attiyah, Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Youssef Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah and Sudanese counterpart Ibrahim Ghandour.
The counterpart will carry no legal status and the DVLA recommends you destroy it.