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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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The winner of the challenge will be determined after the Neda Board, currently chaired by President Duterte, evaluates the challenger's offer, and the original proponent's counteroffer.
Also, I heard from former colleagues that the division that made me the counteroffer has been overhiring and will most likely let go of some of the new hires.
Therefore, all Black Angus had been required to do was to send the Trust notice that it contested the Trust's initial rental offer of $220,000 per year; the court stated that Black Angus's counteroffer increasing the rent by ten percent met that burden.
The UCC rejects the mirror image rule and converts a common law counteroffer into an acceptance even if it states additional or different terms.
Wasden proposed a counteroffer requiring the federal agency to start analyzing other ways than the Integrated Waste Treatment Unit to treat the 900,000 gallons.
I spoke to Manny this morning and I gave him what is perceived to be a counteroffer from the Mayweather people," Koncz told Ring TV.
In its counteroffer, the district would give the Y a not-yet-specified amount of time to pay the full purchase price for the 5.
In any case, getting a sense of a candidate's response to a potential counteroffer is critical before you move to a verbal offer.
44) Characterizing a response to an offer as a counteroffer simply because it contains an unimportant boilerplate term, however, also undermined the reasonable expectations of the offeror whom the rule was designed to protect.
But as he was thinking it over, Jack was shocked to receive a comparable counteroffer from his current employer.
If the worker rejects, he can make a counteroffer in round 2 which can then be accepted or rejected by the firm.
5 percent wage increase and says they have not yet received a counteroffer.
There's a danger in an automatic counteroffer approach in that it may trigger other people to think that's the way to get ahead in their compensation," Lacey says.
NNA - Russia proposed to its Western partners at the United Nations Security Council a counteroffer late Wednesday to bring aid to desperate Syrian civilians, diplomats said, AFP reported.