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an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

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However, while the girl has the power to put an end to it, her countermove is that she opts to continue, and her stubbornness is the driving force in the text, which foreshadows the possible endlessness of their play.
avoidance tactics--perhaps followed by agency countermoves and further
32) It is precisely in their inconsistency and frequent absurdity that these countermoves reveal their relevance, gravity and urgency.
This sets off a chain of events causing each participant to make moves and countermoves without really knowing what the game really is all about.
The chief significance of the episode is in its revelation of Washington--his insecurity at the threat of even so petty a competitor, his employment of secret aggressive tactics, and the astonishing vigor and complexity of his countermoves.
They aren't armed, and they aren't repelling our countermoves.
A move may seem shrewd at the time, but the subsequent countermoves can leave you cornered and weakened by your decision to set prices too low.
We hope that the Korean government anticipated as much and prepared perfectly for any Japanese countermoves.
6) "Moves and countermoves in Go Down, Moses," agrees Thadious M.
Recent moves and countermoves by Rosen and AIPAC have included a 260-page motion by the organization filed Nov.
Without seeing the board, the player instructs moves to be played on the board and is then informed verbally about the opponent's countermoves.
8) "Geopolitical Diary: Countermoves to a Russian Resurgence," STRATFOR, August 15, 2008.
IT has been referred to as the chess of sports as it gets your brain working, with so many moves and countermoves to consider.
If China decides to go solo and to pursue a more aggressive security policy in Africa, it is improbable that it will be able to overcome countermoves by India and the United States.
Chess, on the other hand, requires deliberate and often slow but methodical moves and countermoves.