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an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

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The variables in this study included anthropometric indices (body height and body mass), and following conditioning qualities: sprinting performance over 20 meters (S20M), vertical countermovement jump--CMJ, standing broad jump--SBJ, and medicine ball toss (MBT).
The depth of the countermovement was self-selected and participants were asked to land close to their point of takeoff.
Countermovement jump in performance diagnostics: use of the correct jumping technique.
O teste de salto para avaliar a forca explosiva e com o squat jump, mas para avaliar a forca explosiva elastica e com o countermovement jump, o teste para avaliar a forca explosiva elastica reflexa e com o teste de Bosco.
A previous study, Show that both body size and countermovement depth confound the relationship between the muscle power output with the performance of maximum vertical jumps.
These mechanisms are created through the use of shoulder extension and flexion during the countermovement jump (CMJ) (15).
That in turn has sparked a countermovement of YIMBY ("yes in my backyard") groups that believe the solution is to build, build, build.
Fortunately, a countermovement is growing in government and industry to address these weaknesses and restore the critical linkage between manufacturing and defense.
Once social movements arise, opposition from government officials and private groups will likely appear and may coalesce into a countermovement that asserts competing claims and also seeks public attention and legitimacy.
During the last decades, the dynamic of modern society was governed by a double movement: a continuously market expansion doubled by a countermovement blowing up into determined directions.
The critical inflection point was the countermovement ofbusiness interests and conservative politicians during the 1970s, when resources devoted to business lobbying increased overwhelmingly and labor law reform failed to pass during the Carter administration despite a Democratic Congress.
A likely substantial reduction in lower-body NMF, as measured by countermovement jump (CMJ) peak power, has been observed in elite under-18 Australian rules football players for up to 24 h following an intra-club preseason match [6] while in sub-elite youth rugby league players, reductions were reported as likely substantial immediately, and possibly substantial at 24 h and 48 h following two competitive matches.
First, he insists upon the label "post-Protestant" to describe the now-ascendant "elect" who control the main institutions of cultural formation in American society, while understating how deeply Protestant they remain; and secondly, he inaccurately portrays the presence of a confident (if intellectualized) Catholicism as the deepest inspiration of the momentary countermovement against the "Poster Children," while missing how Americanized--and hence Protestantized and liberal--that Catholicism was.
To examine the role of strength and power in high-intensity military tasks under heavy load carriage, lower body and upper body strength were measured using a one repetition maximum (1RM) squat and bench press protocol, and lower body power was assessed using countermovement jumps as measured by a force plate, using previously described methods.
These groups formed a countermovement that continues to erode the authority of the bishops and offer alternative Catholic spaces for worship, fellowship, and action.