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an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

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Following the familiarization session, participants completed a countermovement jump protocol, a 1 repetition maximum (1RM) squat protocol and a 1RM bench press protocol in the same visit.
Rather, it can be seen in similar terms to a Polanyian countermovement, the broad array of social groups within civil society that act to protect society from impacts of unrestrained market forces.
419, 520 (2001) ("The pro-life countermovement was already well under way by the time Roe was handed down.
Brulle, PhD, found that, while the largest and most consistent funders behind the countermovement are a number of well-known conservative foundations, the majority of donations are "dark money," or concealed funding.
This, combined with a lack of research on jump landing mechanics with amputation and knowledge on safe landing heights, drove the selection of countermovement VJ landings.
to mount a wholesale corporate countermovement against the instabilities and insecurities of industrial capitalism" (p.
Massage, cold-water immersion or control were applied immediately after competitive matches, followed by assessments of perceptual measures of recovery and physical performance, countermovement jump and repeated-sprint ability 24h after intervention.
108) Polanyi argues that "It]he great variety of forms in which the 'collectivist' countermovement appeared was not due to any preference for socialism or nationalism on the part of concerted interests, but exclusively to the broader range of the vital social interests affected by the expanding market mechanism" (supra note 43 at 145).
A countermovement, called Tamarod (Rebellion), was then launched by pro-government societies and plans to hold protests on the same day.
Spann concluded that "romanticism was the first countermovement directed against the Enlightenment, humanism, and the Renaissance.
The only way the tide of fundamentalism in the Islamic world can be defeated is through a countermovement that emerges from the Islamic world itself.
Yet the obligation they recognize to show that their political and legal doctrines are grounded in the Constitution--notwithstanding, or even more so because of, the twisting and stretching, the additions and omissions, the devaluations and revaluations that they are forced to perform--is testimony to the success of the conservative countermovement in making fidelity to the Constitution a touchstone of legal and political legitimacy.
We do not regard these two factors as either appropriate or sufficient to justify a sustained price recovery and attribute the upward movement more to a countermovement following the severe losses of recent weeks," said a report from Commerzbank in Frankfurt.
148) By 430 the bishops' dress had become so opulent that a countermovement began; clerical clothing originated as an attempt to recover the clergy's earlier simplicity.