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Synonyms for countermine

(military) a tunnel dug to defeat similar activities by the enemy

destroy property or hinder normal operations

destroy enemy mines with one's own mines

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The countermining charge is deployed by the ROV and is made up of a series of safety interlock which are connected to an acoustic trigger and the donor charge of approximately 10 kilograms of C4.
A first attempt to destroy the mine was thwarted when the countermining charge misfired, but the team succeeded at the second attempt.
This will be followed by a session that will take a closer look at the latest trends in naval warfare including: Low intensity surface and underwater naval warfare and the potential challenges faced by GCC states; UAVs in sea operations for offensive and defensive missions, and; Harnessing new technologies for countermining operations.
The book covers all aspects of the campaign especially the military engineering, including mining and countermining, the fashioning of wire entanglements, the laying of torpedo fields and the construction of underground shelters to protect the men of both sides who manned these works.
Minefields presented such an obstacle that TF 77 was asked to try countermining by bomb strike.