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Synonyms for countermine

(military) a tunnel dug to defeat similar activities by the enemy

destroy property or hinder normal operations

destroy enemy mines with one's own mines

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43} For the squadron to clear a passage through the full length of South Channel minefield could take four or five double runs, and use 96-120 countermines.
This had to be achieved before the attackers had exhausted their countermines and ammunition.
Project Manager - Mines, Countermines and Demolitions (Countermine Division), Scientific & Technical Report, Simulant Mines.
Unlike other areas of warfare, military countermine operations have not benefited significantly from advances in technology during the past several decades.
Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) has, on behalf of the Programme Manager for Mines, Countermines and Demolitions, awarded BAE SYSTEMS an 18 month, $3.
Mr Britton, who ran his own gardening business and played guitar with Wirral band Mines and Countermines, was also a trustee at Hoylake Lifeboat Museum.
Under the direction of the Program Management Office of Mines, Countermines, and Demolitions, Picatinny Arsenal, N.
The 43-year-old - a guitarist with Wirral band Mines and Countermines - was rehearsing at home with two bandmates when a man is believed to have knocked on his door at around 9.
Army programs for soldier systems; mines, countermines, and demolitions; and mobile electric power.