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Synonyms for countermine

(military) a tunnel dug to defeat similar activities by the enemy

destroy property or hinder normal operations

destroy enemy mines with one's own mines

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Chartier, USA, Counter-IED and Countermine Portfolio Manager, DoD Unexploded Ordnance Center of Excellence will speak on coordinating UXO RDT&E at the Unexploded Center of Excellence
A third environment pitfall is that individual consistency in the work of the mine layer trains the countermine student in those specific consistencies.
Countermine Technologies intends to lease the remaining system for a project in Libya.
The program manager (PM) for countermine and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) sends a team to the unit location to conduct a new material introductory briefing.
WP 0008 of TM 10-8470-203-10, Body Armor Set, Individual Countermine (BASIC), has more on fitting.
The Program Manager (PM) for Countermine and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) sends a team to the unit's location to conduct a New Material Introductory Briefing (NMIB).
5-ton vehicle designed to provide transport, countermine and light assault support for the Future Force war fighter.
The Subways The Dears The Frames Yourcodenameis: Milo Countermine Louis XIV Cherubs
Additionally, the Administration will soon solicit international support for a worldwide ban on the sale or export of all persistent mines, with exceptions only for training deminers or countermine personnel, improving countermine capabilities, and the like.
Meanwhile, Det 1 was busy providing vital AMCM countermine protection to coalition ships operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal approaches.
We are really pleased with their support and the way EUREKA has worked for us," says Lars Nylin, managing director of Countermine Engineering Ab, the Swedish company that led the project.
38} If South Channel Fort could not be silenced by gunfire or taken by assault, or if an attempt by ships' boats to grapple for and destroy mine cables was unsuccessful, then after dark the countermine launches would attempt to blast a buoyed channel through the minefield by laying and exploding charges.
3 million for the next phase, engineering and manufacturing development, from the US Army's Office for Mines, Countermine, and Demolitions (Picatinny Arsenal, NJ), in conjunction with the Communications-Electronics Command's Acquisition Center ort Monmouth, NJ).
Along with this assessment were recommendations to provide and/or purchase several pieces of countermine equipment for Task Force Kosovo.
Headlining tonight is Countermine, feisty teenagers from a village near Bath signed to London Records.