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Synonyms for countermeasure

something that corrects or counteracts

Words related to countermeasure

an action taken to offset another action

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The performance objectives matrix shows which countermeasure types relate to objectives like providing off-road paths for bicyclists and improving motorists' behavior and compliance with traffic laws.
Recommendation: To improve HHS's countermeasure enterprise and activities and to provide reasonable assurance that HHS's initiatives will achieve the intended results of improving PHEMCE and its medical countermeasure activities, the Secretary of HHS should develop a strategy to monitor the overall progress and results of implementing the initiatives by obtaining complete information on all initiatives.
Since passing the Project BioShield Act, subsequent Congresses have considered additional measures to further encourage countermeasure development.
Mobile phones frequently use EMI filters as countermeasures against noise in CD lines.
Profits at countermeasures' other two main units, Kilgore and Chemring Countermeasures, lifted fourfold and by 32 per cent respectively.
favors countermeasures to biological, chemical and nuclear agents that Americans might face in a terrorist attack.
The system we have designed can certainly detect, track and trigger the countermeasures,'' he said.
A TCP is a good security countermeasure for mitigating vulnerabilities associated with these increased risks.
The requirements analysis, when properly and thoroughly completed, becomes the critical ingredient in developing an optimal system configuration and determining the cost-effectiveness of various countermeasure options.
Explains 177 kinds of potential hazards and countermeasure
The study, known as the Pedestrian Safety Countermeasure Deployment Project, looked at the effectiveness of various safety engineering and intelligent transportation systems (TTS)-based countermeasures installed at target intersections in those cities.
changes have sufficiently improved countermeasure development and
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 26, 2006 - (JCN) - TDK Corporation today announced the development of the MEA1608PE series of multilayer chip EMI filter arrays, the industry's smallest and lightest noise countermeasure components intended for mobile terminals that are compatible with terrestrial digital television broadcasts.
The countermeasures system is designed to protect C-17s, C-130s, and other large aircraft from infrared-guided surface-to-air missile threats by automatically detecting a missile launch, determining if it is a threat, and activating a high-intensity directed laser beam countermeasure system to track and defeat the threat.
That's because covering the countermeasure set immediately after you shut down your bird can burn a hole through the cover.