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someone who attends a counter (as in a diner)

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The reports and scores that are returned allow Orchestrator users to quickly identify legitimate borrowers while reducing false-positives, ensuring compliance with Red Flag Rules and minimizing costly queries to the Social Security Administration," Counterman said.
You know the type: comes on with bartenders and cab drivers, talking about right hooks and the Dodgers, calls the counterman in Nedick's by his first name.
It pictures a restaurant counterman and his customers gathering to listen to a radio report.
What it might like to be involved with a UPS driver, a counterman at the deli where he often got a morning bagel, what it might be like to have a lover who spoke a foreign language.
Oral care should be carried out every two hours with teeth brushing every 12 hours (Simmons-Trau, Cenek, Counterman, Hockenbury, & Litwiller, 2004).
The counterman handed anesthesiologists pre-mixed, presorted medications in a case-specific zip-loc bag from the stock shelves behind the counter.
Intelligent, witty, and classy--not to mention beautiful--Anne Counterman, a successful talk show host in Seattle, is facing her 40th birthday with trepidation.
At one stage he was head counterman in the grocery section at Rowlands Gill, where Mary worked.
The company's eight other magazine titles include BodyShop Business, Counterman, Brake & Front End, Underhood Service and TechShop.
the highway-ethics of prison, killed the counterman
As the counterman stayed well out of it, I grabbed some paper napkins and tried to blot up the mess.
Rescuing the child, they find refuge in a quaint diner, lighted by a candle and served by a Frank Capra counterman.
Sometimes you can see maybe fifty ratty-looking junkies squealing sick, running along behind a boy with a harmonica, and there is The Man on a cane seat throwing bread to the swans, in fat queen drag walking his Afghan hound through the East Fifties, an old wino pissing against an El post, a radical Jewish student giving out leaflets in Washington Square, a tree surgeon, an exterminator, an advertising fruit in Nedick's where he calls the counterman by his first name.
If it's retail, you need a knowledgeable counterman.