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someone who attends a counter (as in a diner)

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This story becomes the center of many interlocked stories of betrayal: the European witch trials; Grahn's ejection from the Navy ("This woman is a lesbian be careful"); the drowning of 25 boatloads of sailors when some new amphibious tanks don't work and nobody around gives an order to stop as each rolls into the water and sinks; the rape of an elderly Asian woman by a taxi driver; the "pain, shame and defiance" of Josie, a pregnant girl in Grahn's junior high-school dass; the time Grahn was knocked down in a diner by a Spanish-speaking kid who called her queer, and the counterman and cops were "pleased / at what had gotten beat out of me.
EST artistic director Curt Dempster gets a cameo role as a diner counterman.
Mortgage Cadence leads the market in providing compliance and regulatory solutions through an integrated ELS platform that enables our clients to quickly and confidently respond to the myriad of changes taking place in the market," said Tim Counterman, the company's director of product management and compliance.
Finally, the counterman disappeared behind the curtain again and came back a few minutes later with a headless, plucked chicken.
A multidisciplinary group including pharmacists, intensivists, and nurses met over several months to develop a system to ensure a daily sedation reprieve for mechanically ventilated patients (Simmons-Trau, Cenek, Counterman, Hockenbury, & Litwiller, 2004).
Howard, the counterman, took the call in the little kitchen where he worked.
You know the type: comes on with bartenders and cab drivers, talking about right hooks and the Dodgers, calls the counterman in Nedick's by his first name.
It pictures a restaurant counterman and his customers gathering to listen to a radio report.
What it might like to be involved with a UPS driver, a counterman at the deli where he often got a morning bagel, what it might be like to have a lover who spoke a foreign language.
Oral care should be carried out every two hours with teeth brushing every 12 hours (Simmons-Trau, Cenek, Counterman, Hockenbury, & Litwiller, 2004).
The counterman handed anesthesiologists pre-mixed, presorted medications in a case-specific zip-loc bag from the stock shelves behind the counter.
Intelligent, witty, and classy--not to mention beautiful--Anne Counterman, a successful talk show host in Seattle, is facing her 40th birthday with trepidation.
Chicago-set pic abounds in rhythm-perfect soft-shoe exchanges, as Silverman takes romance-minded Garlin on a sexual roller-coaster, or grocery counterman Dan Castellaneta gently tries, for the umpteenth time, to wean Garlin from junk food.
He gets up out of bed singing "When the Saints Go Marching In" and appears so gleeful at a diner that the Greek counterman asks him "So you wun-na the sweepstakes, eh?