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a medicine applied locally to produce superficial inflammation in order to reduce deeper inflammation

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24) In Volume XIV, under iodine, on pages 725-726, one reads: "In medicine iodine is frequently applied externally as a counterirritant, having powerful antiseptic properties.
Cows, in point of fact, show great discrimination in avoiding buttercups, for if they should make a mistake and munch some, they suffer as a consequence, since buttercups hold a vile, acrid juice in their stems that bums and raises blisters, a fluid, curiously enough, sometimes used in folk medicine as a counterirritant in sciatica and rheumatic pains.
Also, AlCiS Daily Relief does not function as a counterirritant, unlike a lot of products that create a cooling or burning sensation.
1%, acts as a counterirritant and is responsible for the short-term pain relief, he explained.
Unlike a lot of external analgesics on the market today, ALCiS Daily Relief does not function as a counterirritant, Berchtold explains.
Sufficient data exist on the counterirritant active ingredients camphor, capsaicin, menthol and methyl salicylate to support their general recognition as sale and effective for consumer use in O-T-C analgesic products," the CHPA argued.
Completely free from chemicals, counterirritants, Salicylates and other side-effect-ridden ingredients.
Rubefacients (heat rubs such as oil of wintergreen) are a class of therapeutic topical treatments known as counterirritants.
Other than NSAIDs, counterirritants are the mainstay of O-T-C treatment of muscle injury and pain.
The counterirritants create a warm or cool feeling to distract from the pain and they can be used on an as-needed basis, while capsaicin must be used regularly.
Actions and mechanisms of counterirritants on the muscular circulation.