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contrary to what common sense would suggest

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The planned de facto monetary policy easing becomes even more counterintuitive when viewed in the context of rising interest rates overseas-a phenomenon that is also expected to make itself felt locally at a milder pace.
The counterintuitive behavior of some other structures has also been the focus of attention, by analytical and finite-element simulation, Li et al.
I think, structure gives you a lot of freedom--which also sounds kind of counterintuitive.
Counterintuitive as it seems, it's possible that the less focused you are, the more you are able to explore inventive possibilities.
It's almost counterintuitive, the way seismic design has evolved.
The balancer doesn't lie," he says, pointing out that sometimes what would seem to make something more aerodynamic doesn't: "It's counterintuitive.
Summary: The US Dow Jones Industrials Average fell sharply in the moments following the US FOMC Rate decision, but a seemingly counterintuitive reaction saw the.
A short-acting SSRI does seem a counterintuitive tool for the job.
Though it seems counterintuitive, fully hydrogenated oils are actually better for you.
The roll out of this product should include legitimate studies substantiating such counterintuitive claims.
A client of mine, who thinks he's really clever, recently gave me some seemingly counterintuitive advice.
INSECURE DANCER, WINSTON-SALEM, NC While it seems counterintuitive, one of the worst things a teacher can do is to tell a dancer (or their parents) that he or she is highly talented.
Counterintuitive or not, the study may have uncovered individuals susceptible to adverse outcomes stemming from overactivity in the folate metabolism pathway during a critical stage of embryonic neurodevelopment.
foreign policy: a trusted group of experts, well versed in the nuances and dilemmas of the international situation, who are able to persuade large numbers of Americans to support the complex and counterintuitive policies that are sometimes necessary in this wicked and frustrating--or, dare one say it, fallen--world.
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