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actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

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While the case studies highlight specific manifestations of counterinsurgent weakness/ ineptitude, the real lesson is understanding the role of these weaknesses and then trying to find how they may manifest themselves in different situations.
10) Perceptions of unfairness can exacerbate frustrations relating to Identity and Honor, especially if the unfairness was caused by an outside actor such as an expeditionary counterinsurgent.
When counterinsurgent forces commit misconduct against civilians, the local commander may be able to salvage goodwill by communicating effectively with the affected civilian community.
7) Insurgents have a substantial advantage in the information arena since they can make exorbitant promises about what they would accomplish if they were in power, while the counterinsurgent must produce actual results, with words matching deeds.
Insurgent tactics--Guerilla warfare is always easier to execute as an insurgent, and insurgents have a wide range of options unavailable to the counterinsurgent for both political and practical reasons.
During planning, all forces should determine which organizations are working in their area of operations and supporting the counterinsurgent outcomes.
This is why the counterinsurgent forces must now switch their attention from the [insurgents] to the population.
The world-wide proliferation of cell phone technology creates tremendous opportunity for a counterinsurgent force to create a large social network within the population for human intelligence collection.
Joes counsels that in responding to most future insurgent threats, US policymakers craft strategies based on "limited support to indigenous counterinsurgent forces," by delivering technical, intelligence, and financial assistance--and especially by interdicting outside assistance to the insurgency, which is as much a diplomatic as a military task.
This is especially true in COIN where success is measured by local nationals' confidence in counterinsurgent forces' efforts.
Counterinsurgent states must clearly establish the context of the conflict and define the characteristics of the irregular opponent.
57) As a result, the local population's perception of both the insurgent and counterinsurgent is the primary concern.
The war rapidly shifts from special forces operations to major combat operations and back to counterinsurgent or special forces operations.
There must be a distinct limit to how useful a doctrine based on what used to be called colonial "policing actions" on the sovereign territory of the counterinsurgent can be to a United States fighting a religiously motivated enemy with global ambitions that outstrip older ideas of nationalism and self-determination.
Field Manual 3-24 describes how urban insurgencies are dynamic and can replace losses quickly, requiring flexibility and adaptive responses from the counterinsurgent force.
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