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Synonyms for counterinsurgency

actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

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Accordingly, counterinsurgency does not require killing as many of the enemy as possible or retaking all the contested territory, but rather winning the population over to the state's or counterinsurgent's side.
One shortfall identified by the authors was the existence of a smug perception that British forces were uniquely qualified in counterinsurgency because of the United Kingdom's extensive experience in Africa and the Middle East, peace support tasks in the Balkans, and of course, Northern Ireland.
These points notwithstanding, one gains much from reading Colonial Counterinsurgency from cover to cover, for it is a convincing example of how scholars with sometimes quite different positions can fruitfully enter into a conversation that has relevance beyond their narrow field.
Chapter 3 addresses the limits of the concept of counterinsurgency operations and current U.
This decentralized approach avoided strict adherence to doctrine that did not suit situations on the ground and saw the employment of effective, sophisticated, counterinsurgency measures that reflected the local state of affairs.
Counterinsurgency ecotourism is formed through the articulation of tourism-related practices of land dispossession and securitization with Guatemala's civil war history of counterinsurgency.
This figure highlights that Stability, Defense, and Offense are the three primary forms of effort in a counterinsurgency fight, with Stability being the most critical to COIN.
That's what we want to do and we are doing with revised, renewed counterinsurgency doctrine.
Led by Lieutenant General Petraeus, who had completed two tours in Iraq, the group included input from not only current and former military practitioners of counterinsurgency but also journalists, human-rights advocates, and academics.
Achieving counterinsurgency (COIN) objectives while effectively exercisng the right of self-defense requires persistent and deliberate rules of engagement training.
As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta prepares his recommendations for Pentagon budget cuts, he is likely to reduce the military's resources for future, large-scale counterinsurgency operations of the sort that were ballyhooed a few years ago in Afghanistan and Iraq.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 14, 2011-Raytheon integrates WiPak on Embraer Super Tucano counterinsurgency aircraft(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Marine Corps over the past decade has devoted most of its training and combat resources to counterinsurgency warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Stability operations in Iraq and current counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan present military entomologists with new and challenging skill requirements in addition to their traditional warfighting tasks.
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