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the part of a check that is retained as a record

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Nadra told the judge that 134 voters who were not registered in the PP-147 constituency had also cast votes, while 46 votes failed authentication because someone else had voted against the CNIC number on the used counterfoil.
The three cheques were removed completely along with the counterfoil from the chequebooks.
Every piece of evidence backs up his claim - he has the other four tickets and the counterfoil of the missing, winning, ticket - but still no pay-out from the club.
Match tickets often sell for more than the programme, particularly if still attached to the counterfoil.
But the fact is that the numbering of each ballot paper and counterfoil enables the two subsequently to be matched up - to investigate, for instance, an allegation of impersonation.
This contract for the supply of diesel fuel and SP 95 for all vehicles of all services of the Durance Luberon Verdon Agglomeration community, spread across sectors of Manosque, Sainte-Ulle, Laugh and Villeneuve, open station the public good with a counterfoil book, and GNR in tanker using purchase orders.
Apparently, he was supposed to have received a letter telling him of his punishment and right of appeal, but says he didn't receive it and alleges that two years later Ayrshire referees' manager Dougie Smith produced proof of a replacement counterfoil from Royal Mail showing the letter had been posted.
The Honda CR-V is the perfect counterfoil to just about every SUV stereotype ever put forward.
Meanwhile Kevin Maggs is the solid counterfoil to Brian O'Driscoll's mercurial brilliance - but even if he doesn't get the headlines, he's just happy to still be involved as Ireland dream of World Cup glory.
And during the chaos, around 60 briefs were handed out without a valid counterfoil - making them void for the match with Ross County.
Pen poised over the counterfoil, she asked 'What is your name?
The former James Bond actor, one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world, was surprised when Nicola Joss, 16, asked for his name to write on the counterfoil.
After writing cheques, she removed the counterfoil stubs from the book to cover her tracks.
The upgrade involves the removal of the current system of infractions and their treatment on supports only paper (now called the "Stamp-Fine" on counterfoil book).