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fire intended to neutralize or destroy enemy weapons

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Capable of [+ or -] 45[degrees] scan in azimuth and [+ or -] 30[degrees] in elevation, and with an antenna rotation rate of 30 revolutions per minute, it can be used for air defence surveillance and air traffic control, fire control, as well as counterfire target acquisition.
The mortar unit is capable of delivering large volumes of exceptionally lethal counterfire that can search out and destroy enemy forces even when they are firing from long range and from within defilade.
Significant reconnaissance to identify and locate enemy indirect fire systems--followed by proactive counterfire to silence them--is required as a protective measure.
For those of a military turn of mind, we learn of the ways in which castle design was altered to take account of assault by cannon, and the need to keep such devices at bay with counterfire.
In an Army war game, two-thirds of the soldiers who fired this weapon were "killed" by enemy counterfire.
TriQuint GaAs Devices Support Lockheed Martin Radar Systems' Roll-Out of EQ-36 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar
Contract Awarded for Supply additional AN/TPQ-53 (Q-53) counterfire target acquisition radars
Block 2 will add a counterfire capability, with the radar detecting and tracking incoming artillery and rocket projectiles.
After launch, Javelin automatically guides itself to the target, allowing the operator to take cover and avoid counterfire.
casualties" in North Korea, citing satellite images showing that counterfire
They can, in fact, be targeted and hit by an Israeli missile battery conducting counterfire, but the attack would endanger a number of nearby civilians.
Capabilities will also include the ability to fire from inside an enclosure, protecting the Soldier from small arms and other counterfire.
A counterfire radar acquired an indirect fire point of origin and cross-cued a persistent surveillance platform to maintain contact with the threat mortar system.
Andy McNaughton whose counterfire guns later dealt with the enemy batteries.
Cluck said Paladins have become a vital piece in the counterfire missions against enemy mortars and rockets that are core to field artillery in Operation Iraqi Freedom.