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Synonyms for counterfeiter

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for counterfeiter

someone who makes copies illegally

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In other words, the counterfeiter did not make any effort to add a further step, and the OVD is 'reproduced' as part of whole banknote design.
The CIC congratulates the Federal Bureau of Investigation Philadelphia and New Orleans Divisions, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, and the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana for their efforts in the case against coupon counterfeiter Beau Wattigney.
Although not technically a label, BrunaSeals says that more brands should be thinking about turning an inner seal liner into one (sort of)--by printing a brand's name, slogan, code imprints and trademark symbols as a way to deter counterfeiters.
Technology has enabled the counterfeiter to become more and more skilled and successful, but technology can also empower brand owners, manufacturers and consumers alike to protect themselves against this fraud.
A police source said: "If he's not the world's worst counterfeiter, he must be running them close.
The Counterfeiters joins a small group of films in which characters are faced with the "choiceless choices" of "gray zone" situations.
The counterfeiters can't copy the edges very well - they usually make a die for the edge using their own tools.
The pragmatic Salomon, an expert counterfeiter, argues that you do what you must do, while communist agitator Burger (August Diehl) counters with the undeniable truth that by helping the Nazis, they are prolonging the war and enabling further suffering.
A counterfeiter can make as much money selling fake handbags as someone selling cocaine, Kris Buckner, president of Investigative Consultants, told the U.
Everyone but the counterfeiter loses," says William Duffy, president and CEO of the Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), an industry organization of eight printer companies who have banded together to fight counterfeiting and educate the public.
Should you acquire fake money from somewhere other than a store or bank, Marr urges consumers to refrain from stopping the perpetrator; not to handle the money excessively; and, if possible, get a description of the counterfeiter and his or her vehicle.
Although compliance with intellectual property laws (including "markings" laws for reconditioned products to indicate the true nature and origin of such products) is generally easy to do, such compliance would defeat the goal of the counterfeiter, which is to profit from the original manufacturer's hard-earned reputation.
The counterfeiter purchases the product legally or illegally.
Production can start and stop with ease; even if investigators uncover a counterfeiter, he or she may escape with probation or a short prison term since many raids find only a floppy disk or suspicious hard drive as evidence.
Using a computer system, source materials, and peripheral equipment, a counterfeiter can compile a fraudulent bank card with relative ease.