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Synonyms for counterfeiter

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for counterfeiter

someone who makes copies illegally

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When users experience these problems, they typically blame the manufacturer, not realizing that the ink or toner has been made by a counterfeiter.
Technology has enabled the counterfeiter to become more and more skilled and successful, but technology can also empower brand owners, manufacturers and consumers alike to protect themselves against this fraud.
A police source said: "If he's not the world's worst counterfeiter, he must be running them close.
The counterfeiters can't copy the edges very well - they usually make a die for the edge using their own tools.
Karl Markovics is a counterfeiter looking to survive incarceration.
However, today, there is little chance that a counterfeiter will ever see the inside of a prison," Buckner said.
Counterfeiters are going to try to simulate these fibers on the paper, but the counterfeit lines are printed on the surface and not imbedded into the bill itself.
In contrast to the first strategy, the counterfeiter does not purchase the product himself.
Using a computer system, source materials, and peripheral equipment, a counterfeiter can compile a fraudulent bank card with relative ease.
THE ART OF MAKING MONEY: THE STORY OF A MASTER COUNTERFEITER tells the true story of a legendary counterfeiter who was only undone when he looked for family ties.
A good counterfeiter is as much an artist as a criminal, and they are rarely violent.
Despite the lack of a rigid hierarchy, members typically fall into one of several roles - leader, check procurer, counterfeiter, information broker, or check passer.
The quality of the reproduction can be very high," they report, "and not solely dependent on the skill of the counterfeiter.
These could be levied even where a counterfeiter was unaware they were infringing an intellectual property right.
If it is worth a counterfeiter producing a product they will and they can be good imitations,' said Mr Crossfield.