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Synonyms for counterfactual

Synonyms for counterfactual

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

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Sensitivity--the requirement that a belief be counterfactually sensitive
Nevertheless, we can use the available affect profiles and associated time use patterns for a country such as the United States counterfactually, to see how emotional wellbeing there might be improved (or degraded) if people living in the United States were to modify their routines to live more like people in another country.
So, one could argue counterfactually that the recession might have been worse in Canada without those sound fundamentals.
Even assuming counterfactually that a relationship exists between
Chief among his arguments is the suggestion that events can be nomologically and counterfactually related without being causally related.
Consider the notion of counterfactually possible worlds, worlds closely resembling the actual/factual world that could have been a certain way in one respect, had the actual world been, say, slightly different in some other respect.
A response to such an objection could be that the inequality of distribution can still be justified because, counterfactually, without such distributions which aim at the ultimate recovery of the economic system, the position of the worst-off would deteriorate even more, given the tendency of the crisis to devalue all social resources and affect absolute levels of welfare in society.
Are these decisions the result of reading certain scriptural passages--or are they driven by the desire to win office as a member of a party that claims counterfactually to be "getting government off our backs"?
In particular, monetary policy worked, counterfactually, through the disequilibrium between a given supply of central bank money (currency and bank reserves) and the demand for it.
Counterfactually, would there have been a railroad recovery had general economic conditions been worse?
He (1998, 2000a, Baron & Markman, 2000) also found that pre-nascent entrepreneurs are less likely to think counterfactually and therefore could be less attentive to unforeseeable consequences of their decisions.
Galinsky, along with Kellogg professors Hal Ersner-Hershfield (visiting assistant professor of management and organizations) and Brayden King (assistant professor of management and organizations) and Haas professor Laura Kray (associate professor, Harold Furst Chair in Management Philosophy and Values) explored how reflecting counterfactually on an institution's origins--that is, thinking about "what if" scenarios--can influence employees' actions and commitment.
While non-preference is observed directly, strict preference and indifference cannot be inferred solely from observed actions and must instead be inferred counterfactually.
The authors also assess--and reject--a number of competing explanations, including changes in who becomes a parent (the rise in average childcare hours remains even when averaging across all adults); rising incomes (an insufficient explanation given the moderate income elasticity of childcare time); increasing safety concerns (survey data suggest that such concerns actually fell over the relevant period); greater enjoyment of childcare (which predicts, counterfactually, that fertility would also rise); and more flexible work schedules (which cannot explain why the rise is even greater among nonworking mothers).
However, this strategy also counterfactually posits the existence of a pre-partition polity that might have become an independent nation, and which, even after partition, is still tied by a shared culture and history, which now includes the history of the partition violence.