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Synonyms for counterfactual

Synonyms for counterfactual

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

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What I call counterfactually relevant evidence is a subcategory of
From a property economics perspective, this means that individuals will adopt other actions than the ones they would have counterfactually undertake on the free market, in the absence of coercion.
Sensitivity--the requirement that a belief be counterfactually sensitive
Suppose it were true, counterfactually, that large pools of wealth systematically earn higher returns than small pools of wealth.
Furthermore, the results indicate that people tend to think counterfactually as to socially inappropriate situations, even when the outcome is positive (McCloy & Byrne, 2000).
Summers (1986) argues that such adjustments imply counterfactually high unemployment rates in earlier years.
Even assuming, counterfactually, that EPA were required by statute to set standards that ignore impacts on other countries, the analyses it prepares for OMB review are not themselves establishing regulatory standards under the applicable statutes.
Thinking counterfactually, there is little doubt that the DPJ, and Hatoyama himself, could have managed the policy shift better.
This is that, while a time-varying pricing kernel helps generate volatile expected risk premia, it can also give rise to counterfactually volatile interest rates.
If, counterfactually, Justice Brandeis had joined a published Holmes dissent in Buchanan, it might have associated Progressive jurisprudence strongly with acquiescence to Jim Crow.
If we are free willed, and thus counter factual statements can be real, we can choose to do either to an experiment to look in a box to see if the electron is there, yes or no, or instead, counterfactually, we can choose to do an experiment that allows us to "infer" that the electron is in a superposition in two boxes.
The average outcome among these non-participant controls are used to impute the outcome that would have been expected for their matched treatment subject, had s/he counterfactually not received treatment.
Furthermore, in all of these cases, the courts implied that the claims would have been valid if, counterfactually, some of the features of the machines invented by the inventors--i.
They argued counterfactually that earlier focus on objectives like oil or electric power would have brought victory through airpower in Europe, and extended city bombing or transportation attacks would have forced Japan to capitulate without dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
25) What remains to be reconstructed counterfactually, are the communicative forms of rationality and legitimacy the law can claim (as opposed to any strategic rationality it has acquired historically).