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the quality of being contrary to fact

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In adopting a cognitive approach to counterfactuals in literature in this paper, I also place a strong emphasis on the reader's role in understanding the linguistic cues for counterfactuality and imagining counterfactual alternatives.
Sometimes the adverbials peaaegu (et) or aarepealt 'almost, nearly' are added to the proximative verb construction, which, on the one hand, stress imminence but, on the other hand, bring in counterfactuality, that is, they show that the event did not take place, e.
Such adverbials do not imply the past; therefore, their meaning (imminence + counterfactuality) remains somewhere between the proximative (imminence) and the avertive (imminence + counterfactuality + past).
Counterfactuality assumes different forms in different narrative genres.
The rich, varied, and often innovative theoretical part of Dannenberg's study is followed by an extensive examination of coincidence and counterfactuality and their vagaries in at least fifty novels from the Renaissance to Postmodernism.
Salmon's conclusion--that Ball's "bland assertion [in the final scene]--unsubstantiated by either historical fact or contemporary events--that despite everything the 'Fellowship of Man shall endure' simply lacks credibility"--unfortunately seems to me to undervalue the poignance as well as deliberate counterfactuality of Ball's evocation of a socialist as well as secular kingdom of ends.
There is a certain preposterous counterfactuality to this claim when one considers its possibilities.
Are errors in false belief tasks symptomatic of a broader difficulty with counterfactuality.
Even for the infant consciousness, identifying an object involves imagining how it could be manipulated: there is no "perceptual consciousness" without imagination and subjunctivity, that is, without an implied counterfactuality (cf.
Irrealis sets up a counterfactuality space, which is a negative (counterfactual) counterpart of the factuality space.
The counterfactuality consists of victory in the Second World War having gone to Germany, the Third Reich still exists, and Jews in Europe have disappeared completely, as to their fate 'nobody knows what's true and what is more .
The factual conditionals were in the present tense and the counterfactuals in the past tense, and the indicative and subjunctive mood was used to convey factuality and counterfactuality as appropriate in Spanish, as illustrated in Appendix A.
Conditionality, hypotheticality, counterfactuality.
The reason for this is that nonfactuality (a causal relation of type the occurrence of el normally causes the nonoccurrence of e2, where el and e2 are the eventualities referred to by the main clause and the subordinate clause respectively) does not automatically entail counterfactuality (a relation of type if el had not occurred, then e2 would have occurred).