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Synonyms for counterfactual

Synonyms for counterfactual

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

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Future counterfactual schemes could enable the imaging of objects vulnerable to light, the team says.
This relates to the counterfactual 'no climate change world'.
QR allows us to specify such counterfactual distributions.
Since antitrust policy aims to reduce the delta between a plausible competitive counterfactual and the actual circumstances, market power should be understood as that delta--the infirmity that antitrust law could correct.
Notwithstanding the high concentration, the transaction was cleared without remedies on the basis that it would not lessen competition relative to the counterfactual.
It will not be counterfactual if I say that this statement of Clarke construes the prevailing panorama of progressive accession in technology.
job loss undermines the administration's counterfactual propaganda.
5] values are below some concentration that represents a counterfactual low exposure where below this level there is no excess risk.
To this end, we perform a counterfactual exercise by fixing the transition probabilities between PTER and other labor force statuses at their respective sample means, and constructing the counterfactual time series of the labor market aggregates.
The second section presents detailed analyses of the specific cognitive functions that underlie development, discussing the general progression from specific inferential processes to a more reflective metacognitive form of reasoning that considers truth as an explicit construct; how people have an intuitive form of logic detection; how reasoning can be seen as motivated by the coordination of divergent thinking across multiple levels of abstraction; and the development of counterfactual reasoning.
Among those faculties is our cognitive access or innate understanding of causation (theories and hypotheses about relationships between cause and effect) in terms of (1) causality, (2) counterfactual hypotheses, and (3) probabilistic (Bayesian) analysis.
The second tension, whether we can "know anything" about the world on the basis of a TE's counterfactual reasoning, seems to vary from case to case, and seems especially troubling only for strongly counterfactual (i.
This study should put to rest the notion that it's possible to 'age out' of obesity risk, and provides a powerful counterfactual against those who say concern over obesity is overhyped," said Dr.
All of these possible remedies involve counterfactual speculation;
The counterfactual modification, then, allows us to increase the range of applications for economic laws, since it allows other discussed economic factors to change in theoretical considerations.