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Synonyms for counterfactual

Synonyms for counterfactual

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

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Comparing the number of events per winter in factual versus counterfactual climates indicates that 68.
Downward counterfactual analysis could help insurers to identify such anomalies and adjust risk models and pricing.
In the second part of this essay, I show how Webster continues to develop her poetics of counterfactual sympathy throughout the rest of the essays in A Housewife's Opinions.
Chapters 1 and 2 investigate the ways in which human and ecological loss can be justified and essentially rebranded as a necessary sacrifice through an upward counterfactual that promises to do better next time, relying upon the state as an arbiter between industry and public outcry.
I propose that an object has a disposition if and only if there is a counterfactual true of the object that under a certain condition, an event would occur that brings about changes to it and to another object, i.
Although a team experimentally demonstrated counterfactual computation in 2006 (SN:2/25/06, p.
On the other hand, the counterfactual account of causation is a good example of a theory focused on the analysis of binary causal statements:
This relates to the counterfactual 'no climate change world'.
We therefore seek to estimate the counterfactual gas price that would have held in 2013--given 2013 demand--had natural gas supply not expanded.
Counterfactual thought (CT) corresponds to how we imagine what could have happened in a situation that has already occurred, modifying elements of the real facts for different of those experienced.
Still others, myself among them, remembering that it always takes time for an economy to heal after a financial crisis, and that as usual we don't know the counterfactual, might simply feel that it is impossible to draw strong conclusions.
We referred to this as counterfactual meaning as a counterpart of (factual) meaning in university life.
According to our results, Japan's quarterly GDP fell short of the level that would have materialized had the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami not occurred--that is, the counterfactual GDP.
The second section presents detailed analyses of the specific cognitive functions that underlie development, discussing the general progression from specific inferential processes to a more reflective metacognitive form of reasoning that considers truth as an explicit construct; how people have an intuitive form of logic detection; how reasoning can be seen as motivated by the coordination of divergent thinking across multiple levels of abstraction; and the development of counterfactual reasoning.