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Like the simple theory of network effects, the "big data is bad" theory, which is often asserted in competition policy circles as well as the media, is falsified by not one, but many counterexamples.
If there is a counterexample, it is in the region where the prime/totient density is below 0.
1] and provide a counterexample to show that assertions (3) and (4) are not true.
A counterexample to the smoothness of the solution to an equation arising in fluid mechanics.
Not only Eyal's counterexample does not defeat Premise 1', but I suspect Eyal actually endorses Premise 1' and is therefore in agreement with defenders of the mainstream version of PLRA.
Sixteen participants provided at least one counterexample to one of the career theories.
4], even though these categories need not be (strongly) unital, as shows the following counterexample.
Even further, the epistemology of logic is distinctively harder than other variants of this already difficult problem of accounting for this sense of immunity to counterexample, because of the basicness of logic.
According to him, these findings are "a clear counterexample to this thinking.
Counterexample 1: Optimal Partial Insurance Under Negative Correlation?
Though true of Pamuk's novels and many he admires--excepting the striking counterexample of Dostoyevsky--the claim is flawed: it presumes all readers visualize and assumes all novelists privilege visuality over other senses.
In particular, he employs the witch trials as a counterexample to the processes he has described, as an anomaly in the trend to increasing use of naturalistic explanations in the West.
Some questions prompt readers to process what has been presented, some ask readers to respond to a rhetorical question, and some require readers to supply details to an argument or create a counterexample of a theorem.
A single counterexample is not sufficient to falsify an argument, for there are no absolutes.
In IDT, a counterexample is not an example of a fundamental learning object, but it is often mistakenly thought of as one.