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Second, James's counterexamples to Clifford's evidentialism do not work.
Structural properties, such as shape and spatial displacement, may provide counterexamples to dispositional monism, since such properties have usually been conceived as purely categorical and active only under contingent laws of nature, so failing to be essentially dispositional.
Automatic translation function of FBDVerifier made it possible for us to verify huge size of real case FBD programs, and its counterexample visualization function reduced the time and effort of analyzing counterexamples significantly.
For conjecture 6 we seek nonsquare integers d [member of] [3, 200000] with no counterexample found.
In the course of these examples, he makes two general statements that may be disproved by counterexamples.
Here Okwui Enwezor's recent Documenta serves as an instructive counterexample, insofar as that exhibition suggested a cogent, if somewhat overstated, curatorial viewpoint, which rather than stilling the artworks generated meaningful connections among them.
The article's own glove metaphor provides a perfect counterexample.
Notes Bergman: "[In] contrast to such tormented and self-destructive American gay writers as Truman Capote or Tennessee Williams, Isherwood provided a calm, sane, and productive counterexample.
Powers's counterexample involves an actuary "deliberately using methods that tended to overestimate.
The Trevinos provide at least one counterexample to these Texas truisms.
The primary counterexample involves radioactive decay: the article deflects this counterexample by showing that it does not undermine the idea that every enduring object has a tendency to continue in existence.
Topics include quality attribute variability in software product families, automated phone capture of diabetes patient readings, secure mobile payment with SIP, counterexample guide abstraction refinement, and energy aware middleware.
The spectacular, hyperkinetic play of surfaces, the concealment of the apparatus-unlike at Beaubourg, the counterexample, where the guts hang out in an ostentatious, color-coded display on the transparent facades-left one feeling not just bedazzled but weightless and disoriented.
This counterexample suggests that concern about glycemic index is misguided.