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spying on the spies

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ERII's 2015 Annual Counterespionage Conference will feature four distinguished guest speakers.
By changing the name of the National Security Law to Counterespionage Law, Beijing is apparently signaling heightened concern about relationships between Chinese citizens and foreign governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, and mass media.
Arnaud began his career as a security engineer in the counterespionage branch of the Ministry of the Interior.
escu and the French counterespionage agency later provided the "undesirable" Tanase with details: "The agent charged with the assassination of Paul Goma and myself had surrendered to the French services.
Industrial espionage; developing a counterespionage program.
Section A was administration, Section B intercepted and deciphered enemy radio communications, Section C assessed and distributed intelligence, Section D operated foreign-based intelligence networks, Section E conducted counterespionage, and Section F supervised censorship.
His experience includes counterespionage, protection of classified information and the security of critical national infrastructure.
He worried about the Cuban government's counterespionage efforts and was especially concerned about the fate of his contacts in Cuba's Jewish community.
ComSec Healthcare Assurance Options provides a preemptive counterespionage compliance plan for C-suite execs
Steve Pelak, the Justice Department's counterespionage chief, said, "They are professional, studied procurement agents and shippers.
In addition to the long-recognized task of overseeing Army attaches, the section was charged with developing policies and plans for intelligence activities and controlling the Army's military counterespionage system.
The counterespionage failures, including that of Walter Myers, who was discovered by the FBI instead of DS; and
Putin's KGB career began in 1975 when, at 22, he joined the agency and was posted to Leningrad, first in the secretariat, then operations, then (domestic) counterespionage, and finally foreign counterespionage, departing Leningrad in 1984.
The 62-year-old had headed the Lebanese army's anti-terrorism and counterespionage unit during the 1980s and was close to Aoun, a presidential aspirant.