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someone who demonstrates in opposition to another demonstration

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Loy, 28, one of about 20 counterdemonstrators at the rally, said she was standing in the midst of the gay-marriage opponents holding a sign that read "No Discrimination in the Constitution" when Mr.
Loy, who was one of about 20 counterdemonstrators who attended the City Hall rally.
Payson, pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, said he attended the rally as a counterdemonstrator and saw Mr.
in front of the federal building on Wilshire Boulevard when members of several groups protesting illegal immigration traded angry taunts with counterdemonstrators rallying for immigrant rights, said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt.
Yes, they faced resistance from local youths and I was among the crowd ducking for cover as bricks were hurled by counterdemonstrators trying to get at the EDL, penned by police on the steps of Bennett's pub.
In America it has been true for several decades that the Ku Klux Klan or the neo-Nazis can usually get a permit to march; but then they are met by five or ten times as many counterdemonstrators.
Then there were counterdemonstrators accusing the farmers of breaking apart the community.
Witnesses speaking to Radio Quito said that the counterdemonstrators came armed with machetes, clubs, and other objects and were openly belligerent.
Loud cheers rose from a crowd of supporters, while counterdemonstrators booed.
It is emotional satisfaction that the counterdemonstrators seek and obtain," wrote an official of the American Jewish Committee.
Unfortunately, with some groups comes negative publicity, and with negative publicity comes counterdemonstrators.
A small group of counterdemonstrators gathered on one side of the square, chanting anti-Israeli slogans under the watchful eyes of police and attracting some retaliatory chanting from the pro-Israeli demonstrators.
The event is almost certain to draw a large crowd of counterdemonstrators, and the State Patrol has been planning its security measures for weeks.
Counterdemonstrators lined both sides of the street, chanting ``SOS
At one point pro-Palestine counterdemonstrators carrying Palestinian flags scuffled with demonstrators, but police said there were no reports of major disturbances.