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someone who demonstrates in opposition to another demonstration

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Loy, 28, one of about 20 counterdemonstrators at the rally, said she was standing in the midst of the gay-marriage opponents holding a sign that read "No Discrimination in the Constitution" when Mr.
Loy, who was one of about 20 counterdemonstrators who attended the City Hall rally.
Payson, pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, said he attended the rally as a counterdemonstrator and saw Mr.
in front of the federal building on Wilshire Boulevard when members of several groups protesting illegal immigration traded angry taunts with counterdemonstrators rallying for immigrant rights, said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt.
Boston on Saturday became the latest city to march in a so-called free speech rally with thousands more showing up in downtown as counterdemonstrators speaking out against hate groups.
I use the term "organisation" very loosely, because the 30 who turned up, hell-bent on trouble, were easily contained by police as well as being heavily outnumbered by counterdemonstrators.
In Eugene, at least, no counterdemonstrators showed up to voice their support of the Malheur occupiers.
Police said that around 1,700 protesters from the anti-Islam Pegida movement were kept apart from 1,300 counterdemonstrators in simultaneous protests outside the city's main train station.
The demonstration went well beyond what we had expected, and many of the counterdemonstrators engaged in behavior I was embarrassed about, such as throwing eggs at the peace demonstrators.
Pegida marchers, who claim they are trying to defend countries from the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants, were outnumbered in Newcastle by counterdemonstrators at a rate of more than five to one.
A huge security operation was launched in Newcastle to keep about 375 Pegida supporters away from more than 2000 counterdemonstrators.
Smith, McCarthy, McPhail, and Augustyn (2001), for instance, found that protests featuring arrests, violence, and counterdemonstrators tended to generate episodic coverage focusing on the protest events instead of the underlying issues.
About 350 counterdemonstrators who called themselves Newcastle Unites shouted abuse at the marchers, including "Nazi scum off our streets
The police took the threat seriously, but only a few counterdemonstrators showed up.
The EDL, which opposes what it calls the "Islamification" of the UK, has held marches in dozens of towns and cities in the last two years and some have led to violent clashes with police and counterdemonstrators.