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a demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration

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The rights-seeking process of resistance, counterdemonstration, and
Police yesterday released Police welcome breakthrough in their efforts to finally win justice for family of Yvonne images of 14 people they want to trace from a pro-Gaddafi group, who held a counterdemonstration nearby.
Police yesterday released images of 14 people they want to trace from a pro-Gaddafi group which was holding a counterdemonstration nearby.
Also, the often-violent Jewish Defense League announced a counterdemonstration at the same spot in support of Israel.
The costly event was meant as a counterdemonstration of the greatness of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il against the successful 1988 Olympic Games held in South Korea.
Meanwhile, about 100 anti-racism protesters gathered at the Scottish Parliament in a counterdemonstration.
At the same time, a multisectoral group held a counterdemonstration to express support for the PNP chief and the police institution.
For more information on the proposed counterdemonstration, search for BoroNo2EDL on Facebook.
EDL supporters gathered in Centenary Square, while a counterdemonstration was held in Chamberlain Square on July 20.
In a counterdemonstration the narrator reports that a bearded young man is mistaken for Rudi Dutschke and subsequently knocked to the ground, beaten, and labeled a "Kommunistensau" (82).
In the days before the parade, hate groups used social networks to call for a large-scale counterdemonstration to occur earlier on the same day.
As Catholic groups began to use religious ritual for overtly political purposes, they were met head on in the street by anticlerical sabotage or counterdemonstration.
Emotion ran high outside, as the counterdemonstration peaked.
A number of people staged a counterdemonstration which is when the trouble began.