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a demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration

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The counterdemonstration will be attended by figures including MP Albert Owen and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood.
With the sharp ebbing of anti-Semitism from its wartime high-water mark, organized American Judaism sought to capitalize on the improved climate by giving professional Jew haters the silent treatment, denying them the headlines that counterdemonstrations by angry Jews might produce.
Instead, dozens of Gaddafi supporters turned up for a counterdemonstration in Tripoli's central Green Square, waving green flags.
In the days before the parade, hate groups used social networks to call for a large-scale counterdemonstration to occur earlier on the same day.
The costly event was meant as a counterdemonstration of the greatness of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il against the successful 1988 Olympic Games held in South Korea.
Meanwhile, about 100 anti-racism protesters gathered at the Scottish Parliament in a counterdemonstration.
But a rapidly growing counterdemonstration, attracting in excess of 2,000 people, is expected to simultaneously march through the city centre in protest over Pegida.
For more information on the proposed counterdemonstration, search for BoroNo2EDL on Facebook.
EDL supporters gathered in Centenary Square, while a counterdemonstration was held in Chamberlain Square on July 20.
TENSIONS ran high yesterday as more than 250 anti-fascist protesters gathered in Birmingham's Chamberlain Square in a counterdemonstration against the English Defence League.
The mainly left-wing counterdemonstration, which included members of campaign group Unite Against Fascism, included speeches by Socialist Party leader and former city councillor Dave Nellist.
Unlike the Shahbag events, the counterdemonstration was well-planned and organized, and conveyed the stark message that there was an alternative point of view in this overwhelmingly Muslim country.
A group named Belfast Anti-Fascists was involved in the counterdemonstration called "Refugees Welcome, Bigots Not".
Last month, Llangefni saw a demonstration by anti-immigration group the Infidels of North Wales and a counterdemonstration on the same day.