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a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity


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s account, moreover, resistance to this transformation by figures such as Herder, Shaftsbury, Rousseau, and Fenelon is not considered a "counter-Enlightenment" but a countercurrent internal to the overall direction of the Enlightenment.
It is a mine of information on the subject and whets the appetite for future studies that would put Florence into the wider Italian context, identify countercurrents of artistic exchange and situate painting in the broader context of the arts, including tapestries, whose significance the present book reaffirms but whose supposed influence on Italian painters such as Gozzoli and Pisanello still awaits clarification.
Against the ghastly implications of the landscapes of ruin, Auden in a confusing and even incoherent way, sets a series of countercurrents which are meant, I presume, to soothe the sting of this dreadful vision of the human world.
The following discussion considers the major countercurrents that have resisted in different ways the flow of human services reform, making it a more contested and divergent process and raising along the way a number of critical questions about the housing futures of disabled people in Australia and overseas.
36) This is by no means to deny that there are countercurrents in Canadian constitutional theory and praxis, some originating in Canada, some the work of scholars influenced by European perspectives.
Even outsiders as culturally close to Europe as the Russians developed strong countercurrents to Western influence, as with the Slavophiles.
Stephen Brockmann's monograph is an essential and timely contribution to the mostly stormy debate on nation and national identity, often propelled by left- or right wing countercurrents.
The Islamists have tried to formulate and carry out a totalitarian-derived ideology of Islamization disregarding the countercurrents of major political, religious, economic, and other societal forces.
Swirling beneath the seemingly simple storylines of the black musicals Krasner discusses are complex countercurrents of resistance.
This passage also says a good deal about reviewing books: we reviewers describe the surface directions of the text, but what makes books good are the layers of countercurrents below.
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