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a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity


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Researches have shown that cetaceans in running-water environments prefer countercurrent pools, where they find refuge from downstream currents and where much of the biological productivity is concentrated (Smith and Reeves, 2012).
Another countercurrent to productivity within the modern bureaucratic workplace is the cow path.
Rubin has followed and surveyed the course of Mary as might an explorer charting one of the world's great rivers from its rather unpromising trickle in the Gospels through its early alluvial accretions, its rapids, forks, and tributaries dwelling briefly but frequently in by-waters, before guiding us through changes in the mainstream, currents and countercurrents into an unexpected--for some perhaps shocking--but wonderfully warm and generous meditation by the author, with the aid of Sylvia Plath and Julia Kristeva, on what Mary might mean today.
Children may learn science as nothing but a big book of facts (and religion an equally big book of rules), but those who practice know that both science and religion are an often exhilarating whirlwind of arguments and countercurrents as we struggle to fit a structure that we think we have confidence in, around what we experience every day in our labs and in our lives.
I just let the boat drift when I was sleeping," he said, which caused a problem when he ran into countercurrents near the equator.
But Astaire structures it with such impeccable musicality--sometimes working against the rhythm and creating percussive countercurrents with his footwork--and performs with such low-key showmanship that he is utterly persuasive.
Ultimately, listening to such brand currents and countercurrents may be more valuable than anything brands may say about themselves.
Some of the inter-war countercurrents to high-modernism, especially those provided by the surrealists, are used to good effect and provide an excellent introduction to the later work of the situationists.
I find it ironic that, since New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman set off a firestorm with his notion that "the world is flat," some of his columns have revealed countercurrents to the mad rush toward meritocracy and greater accountability espoused by business leaders and policy makers.
Matthew offers us more than enough to affirm God's goodness as compassion and to discern the life-giving countercurrents alive in our world today.
While the music expands the characters' feelings at certain moments, Williams speaks also of specific scenes wherein it creates ironic countercurrents.
This approach allows him to locate cross- and countercurrents that make the Enlightenment considerably more variegated than often presented by its more vociferous contemporary critics.
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