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Synonyms for countercurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity


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Confluences, because of their deep water, abundance of fish, countercurrents that cause fish to be momentarily trapped and special topography that allow for easy foraging, are a favorite habitat of river dolphins (Hastie et al.
El Nino, temperature limitation, range expansion, invasive species, wind reversed estuarine circulation, Olympic Peninsula Countercurrent
Caption: Figure 2 Process of heat and mass transfer in a countercurrent packed tower (Luo et al.
In the late nineteenth century, Peruvian scholars first connected stronger, but irregular, occurrences of the countercurrent with rainfall along the desert coast and attached the El Nino name to it.
Trials were conducted in a countercurrent water machine.
Micropuncture study of the mammalian urinary concentrating mechanism: evidence for the countercurrent hypothesis.
Another countercurrent to productivity within the modern bureaucratic workplace is the cow path.
The cooling zone condensers separating superheated steam from the condensation zone thus provide the countercurrent working fluid--and--heated water circulation therefore enabling the temperature increase of the heated water that leaves the condenser concurrently reducing the energy loss from irreversible heat exchange.
Blue and red flowed toward each other, creating alternating bands as in a countercurrent heat exchanger.
At the same time, as Vandenberg-Daves also demonstrates, there has always been a countercurrent of women, including the enslaved, the poor, and the immigrant, taking their destinies into their own hands.
Countercurrent leaching process to produce the brine;
He challenges the author's contention that today's workers don't generally have a consciousness of themselves as a class by pointing to the countercurrent of worker resistance that continues well into the 2000s.
One final quibble about Rebhorn's book is his failure to acknowledge any of those scholars whose main conclusions he repeats in his introduction and endnotes (for instance, Pio Rajna's insight that the Decameron's title parodies that of Ambrose's Hexameron, De Sanctis's famous characterization of the Decameron as a "human comedy" in contrast to Dante's Divine Comedy, Vittore Branca's discovery that Boccaccio cribbed much of his Plague description from Paul the Deacon's History of the Lombards, Robert Hollander and Courtney Cahill's identification of countercurrent competition that undercuts the magnanimity of Day 10, etc.
Since centrifugal dryers operate on three basic principles--residual heat in the pellet, centrifugal action, and countercurrent ambient air flow--proper operating parameters must be established.