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a sudden and decisive overthrow of a government that gained power by a coup d'etat

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In essence, Filelfo must distort the historical record in order to align the exiles' behavior with his ethical ideal of behavior that is neither expedient nor self-interested, even though the attempt to garner Filippo's assistance in order to provoke a countercoup against Cosimo was quite obviously an expedient strategy confirmed by the historical record.
It did everything it could to open itself to the imperialist charge, including, in Iran, backing the famous 1953 countercoup that removed from power Iran's first democratically legitimate prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh.
The reshuffle dims the likelihood of troops loyal to Thaksin, a former police colonel, staging a countercoup against the Council for Democratic Reform led by Army Commander in Chief Gen.
In 1953, American support of the Shah's countercoup established American influence there until the Islamic Revolution 25 years later; see, for example, Kinzer (2003) and Roosevelt (1979).
439) The genocide began when the Rwandan president's plane was shot down and core members of his "pseudo-party" began a countercoup that included the launch of "a planned, coordinated, directed, controlled attack" to commit genocide.
If it turned violent, or if there were a countercoup, there would be a good possibility that the North would intervene.
In December 1967, King Constantine II tried a countercoup.
He executed a countercoup against the rebel officers, removing the chief conspirator, Ali Abu Nuwar and ordering a number of others to be tried and sentenced by a military tribunal.
But Hamas pre-empted the plan by launching its own countercoup, in which it seized the reins of government and arrested suspected Fatah conspirators.
A new article in Vanity Fair magazine says Washington secretly egged on the rival Fatah movement to stage a coup in Gaza, but Hamas moved first with a countercoup that expelled Fatah security forces.
Guinea-Bissau has had so many coups and countercoups that no elected leader has been able to complete his term in the four decades since the country won independence from Portugal in 1974.
That kicked off a series of coups and countercoups.
Even the army was not immune from the fissures that afflicted Nigerian society more generally, and this period of military rule witnessed a series of coups and countercoups by factions within the armed forces that formed along regional and ethnic lines.
Following two decades of coups, countercoups, a brief union with Egypt, and chronic political instability, Defense Minister Hafez al-Assad seized power in 1970 and ruled until his death in 2000.
Since gaining independence from Portugal 35 years ago, Guinea-Bissau has experienced numerous coups, countercoups and a civil war.