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a sudden and decisive overthrow of a government that gained power by a coup d'etat

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It will also prevent the countercoup by the army against Nawaz Sharif's coup against it on October 12, 1999 from coming into the equation thus saving Sharif, Iftikhar Chaudhry, many generals and politicians from being dragged through the courts.
It is also not explained why the Sultanah honoured the group who executed this countercoup when she clearly opposed their murder of the grooten priester.
Is fear of a countercoup justified or equivalent to Qaddafi's argument about Al Qaeda?
On the strength of this data, the authors conclude that Glenn "played better inside the theater than outside" (338) and that the larger political phenomena of the moment (including the American countercoup in Grenada, the terrorist assault on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, and a convincing uptick in the economy) overrode on the national stage the positive impact of the film upon Glenn's personal and political reputation.
This is often seen in coup countercoup injuries where the brain is injured at two opposing sites because it shifts within the skull during rapid acceleration and deceleration (Banasik).
Several appropriately named chapters--"The Hijacking," "The Conspiracy," "The Countercoup," and "Anatomy of Suicide"--relate the dramatics surrounding assassination attempts, coups, and manhunts.
Since the military countercoup that installed Major General Suharto as president, the military was ensured a dominant position in Indonesian politics throughout the New Order.
The United States had an opportunity to support a countercoup against Chavez a few years ago and declined that opportunity because of our devotion to supposedly the democratic processes, which Chavez, having avoided a countercoup, was then, in turn, able to frustrate even more.
The Colon--short, fat, and dense--is optimistic that the "System" will recover and drop his ruinous alcohol addiction, even while the pressure builds and things fall apart, with the other major organs revealed as conspirators in a coup against the Brain, and the Intestine preparing his own desperate countercoup.
As the brain is jolted away from the site of the original impact, it can hit the skull on the opposite side and cause internal damage referred to as a countercoup lesion.
134) Furthermore, this rejection of situation ethics helps give Rinaldo a theoretical rationale for refuting the claims of the Medici party that the oligarchs had betrayed their country by seeking a league with Milan in order to carry out a countercoup against Cosimo's regime.
It did everything it could to open itself to the imperialist charge, including, in Iran, backing the famous 1953 countercoup that removed from power Iran's first democratically legitimate prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh.
The reshuffle dims the likelihood of troops loyal to Thaksin, a former police colonel, staging a countercoup against the Council for Democratic Reform led by Army Commander in Chief Gen.
In 1953, American support of the Shah's countercoup established American influence there until the Islamic Revolution 25 years later; see, for example, Kinzer (2003) and Roosevelt (1979).
439) The genocide began when the Rwandan president's plane was shot down and core members of his "pseudo-party" began a countercoup that included the launch of "a planned, coordinated, directed, controlled attack" to commit genocide.