counterclockwise rotation

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rotation to the left

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Q[tau]](Q, [tau])d[tau] < 0, the equilibrium output level decreases, whereas generic advertising that induces a counterclockwise rotation of demand, [p.
tau]] - 1 > 0 at the industry optimum when generic advertising induces a counterclockwise rotation of demand, [p.
Use continuous traction toward the left ASIS, and wait for the soft tissue to begin a counterclockwise rotation.
This prospective study had three inclusion criteria: 1) counterclockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular complex with a mandibular occlusal plane angle surgical change of [greater than or equal to] 5 degrees; 2) TMJs reconstructed and mandible advanced with custom-made TMJ Concepts/Techmedica total joint prostheses; and 3) simultaneous maxillary osteotomies.
The unidrive reducer has two output shafts that turn both rotors in a counterclockwise rotation.
The effect of the 90[degrees] counterclockwise rotation manoeuvre in overcoming impingement was also assessed.
The actuators can be locked with a short, counterclockwise rotation.
It had to be the correct torque, size, and weight, have clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and low noise.
Turning the single adjustment screw clockwise increases required trigger pressure; counterclockwise rotation reduces it.
Because most of these patients have retruded jaw structures and those with more severe disease are likely to have significant sleep apnea symptoms, the optimal functional and aesthetic results are often best achieved by a counterclockwise rotation of the maxilla and mandible.
In adults with OSAS, the entire structure of the cranial base has been reported to be rotated slightly counterclockwise in the sagittal plane, [15] but we did not observe a similar counterclockwise rotation in children.
Movies taken through a powerful microscope revealed that the cilia twirl in a counterclockwise rotation.
During counterclockwise rotations, the nanomachines consumed ATP.
Mechanical travel is +/- 90(degree) with typical active electrical angle of +/- 45(degree), including both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.