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Words related to counterclaim

a claim filed in opposition to another claim in a legal action

set up a claim in opposition to a previous claim

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merely allowing for assertion of any counterclaim that is "within
Superior Court Judge Henry Walsh is expected to rule on the counterclaim within two weeks.
But Silverstein and the Port Authority's counterclaims against Swiss Re alleged that the form was superseded by another form prepared by Travelers Indemnity.
In the counterclaim, Nie and Hull allege that SPSS Inc.
Colabella of the Supreme Court, Westchester County held that Duval's counterclaim must be dismissed because there was a lack of privity between Houlihan and Duval regarding the Stanford White representations, and for the additional reason that Duval failed to show that there was any misrepresentation at all by Houlihan.
The Company and its Chair consider the counterclaim against them to be entirely without merit, and intend to vigorously defend against the counterclaim.
When a plaintiff amends its complaint with leave of court, must a defendant also seek leave before asserting new or amended counterclaims in its answer?
Hilton then took to Twitter and Instagram to promote the new footwear line, the counterclaim says.
Current conditions provide an opportunity for agents and brokers to work with carriers to offer expertise and advice to help their clients at community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions address counterclaim exposures and solutions.
Buckingham has the right to assert its compulsory counterclaim in recoupment for tortious interference with contract by virtue of the filing of this action against it by the United States," the company said in an October filing.
d/b/a MacNeal Hospital, filed a counterclaim against Joyce, Zawacki and Suburban Surgical.
In response, Travis Mansheim brought a compulsory counterclaim in conjunction with his answer.
3) the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit addressed whether a federal court could properly exercise jurisdiction over a permissive counterclaim that did not have its own independent basis for subject matter jurisdiction, but rather was related to another counterclaim raised by the defendant.
As written in CAFA, "any defendant" includes defendants only--not counterclaim defendants too, according to the 7th Circuit's March 24 decision in First Bank v.
But he also filed his own counterclaim against Webster.