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Synonyms for countercheck

a check that restrains another check

something that checks the correctness of a previous check


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oppose or check by a counteraction

check a second time

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The safety commission, a government panel, had radiation monitoring data taken from only three locations outside of the plant at the time, while the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has its own monitoring data from the plant for counterchecks.
In fact, the steps beat the Parliamentary session arrangements in terms of checks and counterchecks put in place," a police officer said.
The proliferation of rules, checks, and counterchecks makes government slow, "bureaucratic," unresponsive, and inefficient.
After various checks and counterchecks it became apparent that the system had crashed
Gordon suggests setting up secure access points through the Internet that can verify identity through a series of checks, counterchecks, and authentication procedures to determine a trusted source.