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Synonyms for countercheck

a check that restrains another check

something that checks the correctness of a previous check


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oppose or check by a counteraction

check a second time

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the Ethiopian regime, and without counterchecking with other sources".
Credibility will be ensured by the participants, which will validate the summary of the experience of decision support and the counterchecking of the final result by the members of the steering committee of the development of the PtDA.
The notice said that the news item had been published without corroboration and counterchecking of the facts and on the basis of foul remarks passed by some unknown US and Pakistani serving as well as retired officials.
The artist himself has overseen the reinstallation of the work at the Leo Castelli Gallery, where it is exhibited alongside working drawings--seemingly abstruse fields of counting and counterchecking, which allow one to experience the same astonishment that one has in examining a score and then hearing the music, the sensory differential is so divergently startling.
Deliberate interlinking and counterchecking statements were kept in the questionnaire to elicit true responses.
The entire sequence of steps during the attempted seduction resembles a chess game, the antagonists checking and counterchecking each other in a manner that exemplifies the resourcefulness of their wit as much as their dedication to sexual passion or lofty principle.