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Synonyms for countercheck

a check that restrains another check

something that checks the correctness of a previous check


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oppose or check by a counteraction

check a second time

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These waivers, however, prevented UL installers from issuing a UL certificate and thus from including the installation in the UL Field Countercheck Program -a catch22.
Limited Scope and Full Compliance Investigations are intended for the manufacturer's internal use as a countercheck of its own engineering judgment.
ERCP is however warranted now in follow-up to rule out pancreas divisum as a cause of pancreatitis and also to countercheck the patency of CBD despite the patient being anicteric.
Speak thou fair words, I'll cross them with fair words; Send thou sweet looks, I'll meet them with sweet looks; Write loving lines, I'll answer loving lines; Give me a kiss, I'll countercheck thy kiss.
A Perkin-EImer Diamond Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), calibrated with Indium and Zinc standards, was used to countercheck the physical properties of the polymers, such as glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting temperature (Tm) before the blending work.
31, suggesting that the effect on the profits of the other parties to a transaction may act as a countercheck of the conclusions reached under a CPM-like method.
As a next step, we have tried to countercheck the above conclusion with the help of a multiple regression to identify a set of critical predictors of managerial motivation and also to pinpoint the individual contribution of each predictor.
On 31 August he was fired by his team Astana, after a countercheck also proved positive.
The people want the Senate to be a strong countercheck to an increasingly authoritarian president,'' former President Joseph Estrada said Wednesday in a statement.
After that, I phoned Amy to countercheck with points that I might have misinterpreted or overlooked in order to ensure the authenticity as much as possible and present the results as vividly as I could.