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a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser

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a retaliatory charge

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In the political rhetoric surrounding values, science, intelligent discourse, and constitutional considerations disappear into the abyss of charges and countercharges.
Each of these may help steer the advocate step by careful step through the inevitable morass of highly emotional charges and countercharges.
The Eagle stadium war is notable for the celebrated characters who entered the fray and for the sensational charges and countercharges that continue to ricochet.
Charges and countercharges of defamation surfaced repeatedly during Richard II's struggle with the Appellants.
The suit also touched off charges and countercharges of ineptitude and malfeasance between the judicial system and the attorney general, which eventually rose to the Corte Suprema.
37) The Court stressed that labor disputes are "ordinarily heated affairs" and that disputes over union representation "are frequently characterized by bitter and extreme charges, countercharges, unfounded rumors, vituperations, personal accusations, misrepresentations, and distortions.
And contrition for serious errors of judgment on the part of church hierarchy and appeals for public forgiveness have been replaced by countercharges of culpability aimed at the victims and their families.
The case itself included charges and countercharges going to rather indecorous lengths that should not be taken literally.
Likewise, obtain the association leadership's commitment to stay the course; and prepare the leadership for possible stalemates, setbacks, tension, countercharges, and acrimony.
Whichever way the charges and countercharges pan out, nearly everyone agrees that Chagnon can muster his own brand of ferocity.
Where radical writers argue that all conventional language is euphemistic and therefore politically dangerous, then, and that Burke defends conventional language in order to enforce a system of dissimulation and domination, Burke presses countercharges of euphemism against the revolutionary writers themselves.
The rationale and courage for mutual discussion on the issue of proselytism arises out of the acknowledgment that the lack of dialogue has usually led to tensions, mutual suspicion, further proselytizing action, and countercharges of persecution.
But these countercharges are not my main complaint here.
Both parties endured charges and countercharges of dubious fundraising and accounting practices; and the Clinton/Gore campaign may forever be associated with fundraising hijinks in Buddhist monasteries and Indonesian executive suites, Lincoln bedroom rentals, and big-ticket coffee klatches.
Although the issues had been discussed among the investigators and sponsoring agencies and their immediate circles of advisers, there was no broad discussion in ethics forums or in other arenas where some of the complexities could have been explored without the distraction of media-aimed charges and countercharges.