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a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser

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a retaliatory charge

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Manohar had pulled himself out of proceedings after Modi levelled countercharges against him and BCCI secretary N Srinivasan and asked them to recuse themselves from hearing charges against him.
In the last days of a contest of charges and countercharges, the Gatto campaign accused Nahabedian of using "negative" mailers to try to squelch voters' enthusiasm.
make an unfounded REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] countercharge 1978: make unfounded countercharges; put the blame on one's victim: recriminate zai jie zai li [TEXT NOT 2009: F.
The bank called the countercharges "completely without merit, outrageous in the extreme and really nothing more than an attempt by al-Gosaibi [AHAB] to divert attention away from their own responsibility in failing to perform on their obligations.
Countercharges and character assassinations that pass for campaigning these days are mere entertainment.
The media are obliged to vet the charges and countercharges that ping-pong through a presidential campaign.
They became wishy-washy, just another campaign story with charges and countercharges.
A case in point is John Knox's description of the clerical interrogation of one Sandie Furrour who (after complaining that a local cleric was sleeping with his wife), was summoned to answer countercharges of heresy, a capital offense.
A Japanese-funded water project in southern India has boiled over in the past two weeks into charges, countercharges, recriminations, violence, and now, the involvement of famed Tamil actors.
Rather, their disagreements encompassed liberal assertions that their program entailed authentic religious reform and conservative countercharges of liberal heresy.
While there may be a grain of truth in these charges and countercharges, is it any wonder that Richard Neumann's lead article in this issue is titled "American Democracy at Risk"?
But what terrific copy as the charges, countercharges and scurrilities went back and forth.
Some of the report's targets were quick to respond with countercharges.
In the midst of a cacophony of charges and countercharges concerning recently revealed warrantless U.
Charges and countercharges have been made suggesting inappropriate involvement by physicians and medical institutions in research regarding devices or drugs that could result in significant financial return to them, should those devices or drugs become successful.