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a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser

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a retaliatory charge

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Until we recognize that biases are not to be abolished but rather to be proclaimed, the mummery of charge and countercharge being exchanged by self-righteous prigs can only continue.
Caerphilly made a fist of it with winger Chester Robinson leading a countercharge that led to Chris John kicking a penalty that kept Glasgow's interval lead to 15-3.
But from everyone I have talked to, I got the impression that the papers and the radio and television spend a lot more time on charge and countercharge, and gossip over the president's new wife, than they do on the meat and potatoes of how public business is done.
As a result, TV news becomes a numbing blur of charge and countercharge.
The Smith ads targeting Democratic voters are part of what's developed into a free-for-all of charge and countercharge from the two Democrats, Smith, and the campaign arm of the U.
Leading the countercharge against recent pro-gay developments in the church's U.
A failure to move beyond this ritual charge and countercharge will guarantee that the latest peace initiative fails.
Fidelite, Thomas Langmann's La Petite Reine and Christophe Rossignon's Nord Ouest are among the film companies leading the countercharge from movies into TV.
It continues in the once hallowed halls of Westminster where the once admirable Peter Hain, now apparently utterly tainted by his connections with Downing Street, seeks to rebuff a quite proper challenge by the Opposition with the astonishingly inept and transparently nonsensical claim - not to mention cowardly, patronising and irrelevant countercharge - that his Tory counterpart "is not entitled" to ask difficult questions because her party doesn't have a serious policies of its own.
But Faeldon had enough of both the company's details and quotable quotes to ensure that his countercharge against Lacson would gain traction.
The accusations sparked challenges to nine of the 13 elected council members and the countercharge that the challenges were racially motivated.
To countercharge negligence on the part of parents who entrusted their children to the care of priests and religious of the church is certainly viable legally but just as certainly not morally.
Behind each charge and countercharge is a tactical move for gaining power in -and ultimately control of -the party.
Equally ludicrous is Madrona's filing of a countercharge for direct assault against the victim.
The Quezon City policeman who reportedly mauled and illegally detained a motorist at the police station he was assigned to has filed a countercharge of direct assault against the victim.