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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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The company says the new O-ring Counterbore WZB 32112 allows for the quick and easy insertion of O-ring grooves in the injection mould.
All of this can be done on imported models; that is, imported "dumb" geometry that did not contain the counterbore dimensions.
Worldwide Industrial designed its new cutting tools manufacturers & distributors directory as a user-friendly and extensive resource for those sourcing saw blades, end mills, lathe centers, drilling inserts, drill blanks, countersinks, tap & die, hand tools, keyseat cutters, face mills, counterbores, reamers and other tools to cut virtually every material that can be cut," said Stevens.
More frequently, Bolland Machine uses the ball-style hone on 5" to 12" engines in lower counterbores, where it is important to create a surface with an entry taper that allows an O-ring to smoothly slide into that bore.
The boring unit produces pilot holes and counterbores for perfect alignment of material and placement of screws.
For example, undercuts, when combined with properly designed trimmed areas, can facilitate snap-fit assemblies, and such formed-in details as countersinks and counterbores can reduce or eliminate secondary processes.
At the second station, a horizontal feed unit with a boring spindle drills the wrist-pin hole and counterbores, faces, and chamfers (grooves) the piston skirt.
The countersink collection also includes counterbores to create a flat-bottomed upper portion of the pilot hole instead of a tapered opening.
net spokeswoman Katherine Brown, the marketplace recently added a small selection of cutting & tapping fluids, countersinks & counterbores, chucking reamers, carbide-tipped tool bits, carbide indexable turning tools, broaches, custom-made cut-off tools, premium solid carbide endmills, abrasives and other metal cutting tools at http://www.
As many as a hundred different drills, reamers, taps, counterbores, and countersinks may be required for a fixture base plate.
01mm which allows the machines to handle tight spaces and counterbores.
This powerful database- driven CDE allows for the creation of all types of fasteners and all types of holes such as counterbores, tap holes, etc.