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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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The first configuration can be bolted from the bottom via tapped holes, and the second has drilled and counterbored holes for top mounting.
Some would travel through vents on the sides of the receiver ring, both adjacent to the counterbored face of the bolt.
The end of the barrel is counterbored and radially drilled with 36 holes arranged from 9 to 3 o'clock.
Next, they counterbored the ID with a special custom-made drilling tool in two progressively larger drill head sizes up to 2.
The bolt face is deeply counterbored, with its wall interrupted for passage of a Sako-style extractor.
The barrel shank is large in diameter, and its breech end is counterbored to fit the head of the bolt, and slotted for the extractor.
Called the Speed Load System by Traditions, the counterbored muzzle also holds a saboted bullet in alignment with the rifling during the loading process.
Greg Masterson, spokesman for Buy American said the site recently added a larger selection of neodynium disc, block and sphere magnets in flat, round, cube, rectangular and square shapes as well as earth magnet, countersunk, counterbored, plastic and rubber coated magnets for weatherproofing.
However some guns, especially early Colt 1917 weren't counterbored while others will allow the cartridge to move forward when the hammer hits the firing pin.