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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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The locking system can also be used with counterbored holes, which require torque checking and screw re-tightening with typical fastening methods.
This is a thick insulating sheet into which holes have been drilled to accept the probe tails and counterbored from the bottom to house the Z-Force Receptacles and small springs.
Designed as an option to the traditional plastic caps that cover the counterbored mounting holes in a profile rail of a precision linear guideway assembly, the new MAC rail coverstrip gives machine designers a virtual one-step alternative to a typically time-consuming, multi-step process.
404/652-5151 or 800/BUILD-GP Standard Perforated Service-Tempered Perforated, Sa 25 Service Perforated Lebanite PL-90 Lebanite L-30 Lebanite UL-50 Lamiboard Lami-Floor Drilled & counterbored Fiber Face HRD Sa 25 Georgia-Pacific Corp.
Typically, steel collets have a counterbored ID that reduces the clamping surface.
This load cell series offer a stainless steel construction and counterbored mounting holes.
spade or power bore bit to drill the counterbored holes for the desktop fasteners at the top of the back, then screw the fasteners in place.
For example, two coaxial and adjacent holes are combined to form a counterbored hole, which is a type of composite hole.
Let the knowledgeable buyer know that this early 29-2 has the counterbored chambers that revolver connoisseurs prefer, a particularly nice finish and a fine pair of after-market grips to go with the fancy ones that came with the big sixgun from the factory.
A safer alternative would be to use a screw with a flat-bottomed head in a boss with a counterbored hole.
Eighteen such features are supplied in a standard library, including bosses, through holes, countersunk and counterbored holes, and pockets with straight sides or draft angles.
The first configuration can be bolted from the bottom via tapped holes, and the second has drilled and counterbored holes for top mounting.
The bolt face is counterbored although its wall is interrupted for the passage of a Sako-style extractor.
The cylinder chambers aren't recessed for the cartridge rims, but the rear face of the cylinder Is counterbored.
The anodized aluminum body has a built-in repairable air cylinder and a combination of mounting holes to facilitate rigid mounting in tight spaces: counterbored tapped through-holes on the bottom and tapped holes on the rear and side with a slip fit dowel hole and slot for precision alignment.