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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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This one utilized a cylindrical plug fitting into a counterbore, rather than a tapered one.
The Model 85 bolt has those same two slots, but machining away a large section of its counterbore wall allows the rim of a cartridge to slip beneath the extractor prior to entry into the chamber.
A new "smart" tool in SpaceClaim recognizes standard-sized holes in imported geometry, as well as recognizes chamfers, counterbores, and countersinks.
With a cycle of only seconds, the ETV can automatically check for the presence of the hole, correct thread pitch lead, thread depth, correct location, perpendicularity of the hole, untapped hole, broken tap in hole, incorrect pitch diameter, starting point of thread, and, if applicable, depth of a counterbore.
After fire retainer slips into a small milled slot adjacent to the counterbore, the locking system is in place and can be checked merely by sight.
The second band consists of the counterbore in the barrel breech And the third is the cylindrical receiver, which overlaps the breech.
The breeching is similar to that of a Remington; the cartridge case fits into a counterbore in the head of the bolt, and the head of the bolt is positioned inside a counterbore in the end of the barrel.
Other modifications on the Model Four, as well as on the less gussied-up Model 7400 and Sportsman 74 versions of the same gun, are beefed up action bars; the combining of what was previously a two-piece breech ring/barrel extension into a single piece of steel; a conical counterbore at the breech to further improve feeding reliability; and a sturdier magazine made of heavier-gauge metal redesigned to feed rounds at a shallower angle than before.
The company says along with the new speed prep feed system is a precision ID mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves.
In the new design, the holes are formed with a lead-in chamfer to facilitate pushpin insertion and a counterbore formed inside the hole that creates a shoulder to hold the pins in place.
c] the back pressure built up in the counterbore as the plug enters it, and [A.
Rosspunch custom specialty core pins feature multiple complex steps, counterbore style heads, end detailing, and flat work for medical moldmaking.