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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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European Cutting Tooling Systems produces a new one-piece counterbore or countersink type bit.
The crown is flat with a rough "bubba-like" counterbore to break the transition at the muzzle.
Core pins are used to create holes in parts, and during the machining process, a counterbore maintains core pin height.
Counterbore tooling from Continental Counterbore is manufactured from a special made steel, precision finished and tipped with a carbide formulated to provide the best performance possible under the impact and abrasive conditions to which the tool is subjected.
I could, however, counterbore the muzzle to shorten its internal length and thereby make it "functionally" shorter while still maintaining the BATFE-mandated outside length.
This method of clamping is used in conjunction with an insert that has a pressed countersink or counterbore.
Continental Counterbore says its new high speed steel knife, Continental T-1, with an 18% tungsten content, grinds like M-2, provides up to 30% longer life than M-2 and provides more productivity and less down time.
Axial location is critical because the machining involves reaming a counterbore to a dimensioned depth.
Continental Counterbore offers an improved version of its counterbore tooling for the Evans, Ritter and unique face frame boring machines.
Stand rod on side and drill and counterbore rod bolt holes,
To secure the guide rods in the backplate, I drilled a shallow counterbore on the rear of the plate.
With interpolation, it's possible for a single end mill to face a part, machine a chamfer, next a counterbore, then the hole all without any cycle interruption.