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a return blow

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It will also upgrade the counterblow hammer for closed die forging at Takasago and construct a new welded tube line at group company Kobe Special Tube Co.
Then, according to the script, Israel was supposed to deliver a counterblow to Hizbollah to shift the power balance back toward Washington.
Manstein called this particular approach the "backhand stroke," a smashing counterblow against the extended flanks of an opponent's offensive.
Hoping to strike a counterblow against Wal-Mart and other supercenters, the Kroger Co.
To dissuade Israel's enemies from using WMD, Jerusalem has regularly voiced its intention to respond to any such attack with a crushing counterblow of its own.
These two notions cause an escalatory diplomatic blow and counterblow of name-calling and invective, as witnessed in the months before the outbreak of war in late March 2003.
To develop a powerful leader," he argued, "Negroes must retract themselves, as it were, from their immediate business of achieving assimilation, and look to him for some promised land or some telling counterblow upon their detractors.
By November, the Russians struck a huge counterblow effectively cutting off the lines of retreat for 250,000 German troops.
counterblow to seeming Soviet technological superiority were in fact wrong--Moscow was mostly bluffing.
Their innovations, as Joseph Cary points out in Three Modern Italian Poets: Saba, Ungaretti, Montale, "were the dragooning of so-called `free-verse' as a counterblow to the traditional hendecasyllable, eccentric suspensions of normal syntax and punctuation, a plethora of short-lived onomatopoetic coinages, the cultivation .
His decision to act was made when he heard that if the king made war on the pope, then the pope would excommunicate the king; in counterblow the king would depose the pope.
This marked the introduction of court injunctions as a counterblow to labor's chief weapons, the strike and the boycott.
Specifically, despite suffering an initial attack, either country could still respond in kind with enough force to deliver a significant counterblow, a prospect that kept them both in check.
If he had gone public he could have delivered an annihilating counterblow.
Have at it with dueling policy language and interpretations, always being sure your arguments are well placed and your counterblows based upon accuracy, not emotions.