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a vigorous and unrestrained response

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Fernandez did not state the exact criticisms and counterblasts that Pacquiao is getting angry about, but according to a (http://www.
Harris may have leaked background information to the True Briton, which published four major counterblasts against the actors.
Ex-Quadrant editor Roger Sandall's The Culture Cult was one of the most comprehensive counterblasts against what he constructed as a wholesale surrender to noble savagery--and the bitterness and rancour of that book is characteristic of the mood in which much of the critique is undertaken.
Round The Horne sent up figures like Mary Whitehouse and 'Pope' Malcolm Muggeridge, the midget sitcom star Jimmy Clitheroe and David Frost and parodied anything from Wuthering Heights and Batman to Bond and even Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Counterblasts, with Williams as Spasm, the sinister Butler.