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a vigorous and unrestrained response

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Robert, Story of Tobacco, 111-12; Thomas Wentworth Higginson, "A New Counterblast," Atlantic Monthly, December 1861, 696-705.
Later, in his counterblast, senior PPP leader Moula Baksh Chandio called Mirza to carpet for his scathing remarks.
The generally critical impetus of such writing, whatever its differences of emphasis and interpretation, received a severe counterblast in the work of Christopher Bearman.
Fionn Mac Colla' is in fact a rebellious counterblast against a unionist Celticism that has facilitated the dismembering and pacification of Celtic cultures.
In a long New Yorker review, Edmund Wilson argued that the novel "contains a kind of counterblast to the anti-lynching bill and to the civil-rights plank in the Democratic platform," and impugned Faulkner's provincialism as a detriment to his literary art (465).
He mentioned Arnold Lunn (1888-1974) and his "disconcerting counterblast to the sentiment of generations" (Tradition 212), a novel entitled The Harrovians (1913).
Although the first CASE meeting was a total failure due to the very well-known orthodox opposition between the proponents of Functionalism and its counterblast, it provided the inclusion of two complementary terms, "environment" and "experiment" to the architectural terminology.
The changes are quite noticeable, however, in the preface to the 1882 edition, where we find a passage that serves as an effective counterblast to the image of Marx as a modernist developer:
The graph quickly became a shibboleth in the climate debate, and Mann presumably anticipated a fair amount of grumbling from his rivals, but the scale and nature of the counterblast was unimaginable.
Her darkly prophetic poem Eighteen Hundred and Eleven issues a bold counterblast against the smug, unthinking imperialism of a political establishment that had effectively silenced, suborned, or intimidated most of its critics.
This counterblast to Hitler's Olympics was to be held from 19-26 July in Barcelona.
Before Feste ends the play with his song, he tells Malvolio that it was he who played the part of Topas in 'this enterlude', and connects that role-play with Malvolio's having called him a 'barren rascal' and with the 'revenges' brought in by 'the whirligig of time' (372-77); it is this counterblast that causes Malvolio to go out swearing to be 'reveng'd on the whole pack' of them (378).
35) Conceived as a counterblast to Critic (the official Otago University Students Association paper), Falus had first appeared around 1965 and proved controversial, the University authorities banning it from the Student Union.
Ni disciple, ni thuriferaire, il fut successivement le traducteur de La galaxie Gutenberg (1967), Pour comprendre les medias (1968, 1972b), et Counterblast (1972a) de McLuhan, avant de devenir auteur a son tour (Je persiste et signe, 1996; Journal de l'an I du 3ere<< millenaire, 2002).
Chapter Two, "Racist Rantings, Travellers' Tales, and a Creole Counterblast," deals with the impact on the British West Indies of racist ideas and writings by men such as James Froude, Thomas Carlyle, and Charles Kingsley.