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a vigorous and unrestrained response

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Harris may have leaked background information to the True Briton, which published four major counterblasts against the actors.
That Said's celebrity status made his detractors livid can scarcely be doubted; here was a Palestinian who was a one-man intellectual army and who all by himself constituted a formidable counterblast to Zionist propaganda.
The Eye took no time in firing a counterblast, reminding English Heritage that, if it got its act together, then there would be no criticisms.
At the time Ezekiel's rejoinder was published, in the heat of the moment, it seemed to most Indian readers a necessary and welcome counterblast, but after all these years, it seems nearly as complicit with Naipaul as it is contestatory.
Williams's "The Critic" (Flesh and Blood) offers a heartening counterblast.
It was a small but interesting counterblast to one of the most popular and enduring stereotypes of Welshness.
In a world where image is often deemed more important than substance, Robin Cook was a refreshing counterblast to the identikit culture of the media age.
More pleasingly than I would have thought possible, Alan Howard made his own rather mannered contribution to the evening but he drew a well deserved round of applause for his rendering of James I celebrated Counterblast To Tobacco .
But an EU law was ruled outThe first tobacco came t Britain from the Americas in 1565, becoming popular about 30 years laterIn 1604, James I wrote A Counterblast to Tobacco, which described the plant as ``aninvention of Satan''.
The late 60s and early 70s were a busy time for McLuhan, as he also collaborated with the artist Harley Parker to produce Through the Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry and Painting (1968) and Counterblast (1969).
The campaign comes as a counterblast to the opposition mounted by Friends of the Earth to the American vessels being dismantled in Hartlepool by Able UK.
Arthington's pamphlet, A Prophecie of Iudgement against England, had been peppered with excited promise of "Reformation"; Cosin's counterblast suspends the term in disdainful revulsion between finger and thumb at innumerable points.
These last-mentioned works, created around the time of Fascist Italy's Lateran Pacts with the Vatican, were conceived explicitly by Pirandello, as he wrote to Marta Abba (footnoted by Zangrilli 231), as the canvassing of a new Fascist religion and a counterblast to the reinforcement of official Catholicism.
In some ways, this memoir is a counterblast to the usual plethora of writers' memoirs in which the sole alm appears to be to chronicle meetings with remarkable people, and tell anecdotes about artists and poets moving in particular circles.
Dr Cunningham, added: "Condemnation of the Press has produced the predictable counterblast.