counterbattery fire

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fire delivered to neutralize or destroy indirect fire weapon systems

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Second, the headquarters of the 214th and the 41st Field Artillery brigades, along with a total of three corps MLRS (multiple-launch rocket system) battalions did deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and were instrumental in deep interdiction fires against command and control targets and counterbattery fire and SEAD (suppression of enemy air defenses) fires using rocket and missile fires.
If an AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder weapons-locating system detects a mortar position, and the brigade tasks the DS artillery battalion (as the Deliver asset) to carry out counterbattery fire, it must determine the BDA by some method.
Batteries did not have to reveal their location and prematurely expose themselves to counterbattery fire.
The upgrade will double the current range performance for detecting incoming fire from mortars, artillery and rockets and will provide improved targeting capabilities for counterbattery fire.
In terms of potential for insurgent propaganda and recruitment, ground force excesses-including indiscriminate counterbattery fire, "terrain denial" strikes, "harassment and interdiction" fires, heavy-handed searches, imprisonment of innocents, inhumane prison conditions, ubiquitous roadblocks, early curfews, escalation of force events, and so forth--also certainly have the potential for creating more insurgents than they eliminate.