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Synonyms for counterattack

Synonyms for counterattack

an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

(chess) an attack that is intended to counter the opponent's advantage in another part of the board

make a counterattack

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Ruthless on the counterattack, the Busmen demolished rival Global Cebu, 4-1, last Saturday night to wrest the first Philippines Football League crown in front of a lively crowd at Panaad Stadium here.
Three tanks, a BMP vehicle and four machine-gunned vehicle were also destroyed in the Syrian army counterattack in Northern Hama.
They didn't have many chances and we had four or five good counterattacks and we're disappointed we didn't make more of them.
23 ( ANI ): Japan is reportedly seeking to curb the increased cyberattacks on the nation's government systems and in a bid to have the ability to counter the attacks by a foreign nation, it is mulling over plans to cooperate with the US that has the most sophisticated counterattack technology.
We were a little bit naive in allowing them so many counterattacks - if Nottingham Forest had maybe five chances I think four of them were counterattacks and that is not good enough.
Lebanon made frequent counterattacks in the closing stages before securing
Thomas Mueller finished two quick German counterattacks within four minutes in the second half to sink England's hopes of beating Germany at the World Cup for the first time since the 1966 final.
Human beings who are traumatized by attack become highly motivated to counterattack.
A counterattack orchestrated by right back Abdullah Shuhail saw the ball crossed to Faisal Sultan, who met the ball on the rise and deflected it by chesting down the pass into the net.
Martial art expert Marrina Sprague draws upon her many years of experience and expertise (having achieved Black Belt status in Kenpo karate, kickboxing, and street freestyle fighting) to take women through a rigorous and effective step-by-step instruction process to develop their physical strength and stamina, hit hard and grip strong, acquire a winning attitude, press their attack against an opponent or adversary, and control counterattacks.
Recounting the first US victory on the land against organized British forces after the burning of their burning of the American capital in Washington DC on August 25, 1814, While Washington Burned provides the reader with an expansive understanding of the attacks and counterattacks which took place in the midst of Fort Erie, and a complete accounting of the results--including the use of genealogical research and archeological discoveries.
victory on land against an organized British force, including attacks and counterattacks that resulted in costly casualties.
Fifth-seeded UCLA (11-6-3), which had posted shutouts in its first eight home games, was victimized by SMU counterattacks.
In the century-long tradition of sustained and often brilliant counterattacks against the rise and dominance of global "technopoly," (8) this book should find a prominent place amongst the works of such conscientious writers as Theodore Roszak, Jerry Mander, Ivan Illich, Vandana Shiva, Claude Alvares, Martin Khor, Ashis Nandy, Pietro Croce, Majid Rahnema Neil Postman and last but probably foremost, Paul Feyerabend.
We dominated, playing some superb football and our counterattacks had the Saints stretched.