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an argument offered in opposition to another argument

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As a counterargument, Afrasiabi showed PressTV the form he said Cambridge police gave him that notes the property--his backpack and cell phone--they returned to him after his release.
Meanwhile, North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun gave no counterargument on the verification issue but said Tokyo and Pyongyang are engaged in dialogue and that his government takes its promises made to Japan in June seriously, according to Komura.
Hezbollah's counterargument, that it needs its arsenal to deter and defend Lebanon against another possible Israeli attack, is acceptable but the complaint persists that Hezbollah is the one who dragged the whole country into war two years ago.
Of course, there is always the counterargument that only those breaking the rules have anything to worry about, and that these rules are intended to ensure the smooth running of traffic.
Ozawa offers up the Darfur plan as a counterargument to an earlier article in the same magazine by Kiyotaka Kawabata, a U.
The only counterargument is that nobody wants to go around looking like Dr.
Please do not ever again allow another letter-writer to do this in the pages of the EIJ without at least printing a counterargument.
We want the discussion of these joint issues to get a thorough airing, to stir debate and counterargument, to stimulate the thinking of American men and women serving on land, at sea, and in the air.
Those within the support structure have in fact been slow to construct an effective counterargument, another language game.
The counterargument made by executives was that market corrections and internal regulation should be allowed to naturally weed out the present undesirables and discourage such behavior in the future.
Pakistan's accusation lately served as a powerful counterargument against the US demand of military operation in the North Waziristan region.
A counterargument can be made that money and cuts will be spread out more evenly if lawmakers cut between $4 billion and $8 billion from public schools and create a new funding system to deliver what's left.
The online platform allows teachers to design, share, deliver and assess lessons using the CERCA argumentation framework: claim, evidence, reasoning, counterargument and audience.
He cannot offer the slightest counterargument while with me, but afterward he tweets.
The authors raise the counterargument that the positive behavioral changes associated with these taxes would disproportionately benefit the poor in terms of both improved health over time and more money to spend on other things.