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an argument offered in opposition to another argument

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Use the following tips to frame a counterargument and help assess your position more rationally:
There's merit to this counterargument, but it starts from a worldview that may be somewhat myopic, one that says better compression requires more robust hardware for encoding and decoding.
The second counterargument is that the Joint Staff and the Office of the Secretary of Defense are already investing in IO M&S through the use of the Joint IO Range and other cyber and EW initiatives.
Another counterargument is that one always can get due process later, in judicial review of administrative adjudications.
The recommendation to seal off the West Bank follows the wave of violence and clashes between Palestinians and occupation forces that have been occurring in the past two weeks, but it was declined by both the Shin Bet (Israeli internal intelligence service) and Israeli Minister of army, Moshe Ya'alon, whose counterargument that closing off the area would work as a collective punishment and incite further resistance instead of increasing security, was accepted by the government.
The counterargument, espoused by Chelsea's board, is that after 11 years of outstanding service, Cech should be granted his wish to play regular Premier League football in London next season.
A counterargument was that if Eugene joined Portland in mandating paid sick leave, the rest of Oregon would eventually follow, creating statewide uniformity.
While McMickle's political views are inclusive, a counterargument could just as easily look at a history of religious candidates with discriminatory views who tried imposing their narrow perspectives.
The counterargument, reduced to its essence by Cruz's Obamacare comparison, is that any government intrusion, even in the name of some virtuous outcome, will only muck it up.
Then there's the counterargument, which is that they stopped moving and then things started fermenting.
The obvious counterargument to this assertion was that the fact that hyoids of Neanderthals were the same shape as modern humans doesn't necessarily mean that they were used in the same way.
The report said that the counterargument, made by the appeals court, is that the First Amendment doesn't cover copyright infringement.
Dupuis's "answer" is clearly delivered in two documents that could not be published before his death but that he entrusted to Burrows: one a detailed counterargument to the CDF's accusations, the other a stinging criticism of the Vatican's/ Ratzinger's Dominus Iesus, much of which, Burrows points out, was "universally.
Penney's counterargument was that it would be selling Stewart-branded merchandise within its existing locations--not in standalone stores.
He cannot offer the slightest counterargument while with me, but afterward he tweets.