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opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action

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As a counteractive measure, the group is improving the average time taken to collect premium.
56) Possessing a fine pair of whiskers was clearly a desirable, visible testament to manliness that was nevertheless couched in a counteractive discourse of suspect masculinity.
While using the comments of such anonymous users may seem counteractive to the presentation of authentic and validated knowledge to students, it can also be argued that showing students uncensored and even misinformed voices will allow them to better understand how to formulate a valid argument (again, reflecting expectations of the Speaking and Listening standards within Common Core).
The possible reason of high values of TAC might be due to the counteractive effects of antioxidant enzymes in response to the elevated OS in thalassaemic children.
The need to discover a sought picture from an accumulation of databases has wide applications, for example, in wrongdoing counteractive action via programmed face recognition, finger impression, restorative finding, to give some examples.
Although reading any author's biography into his or her work is counteractive to the interpretive process (as Barthes has shown us), the fact that Q and 54 have multiple narrators calls attention to their origin in multiple authors.
In addition to this, the counteractive effect of using sinker rings in terms of volume loss was examined.
International leaders don't materially distrust the established mantra, and press on regardless with their counteractive, multilateral policy agenda on combating fossil fuels.
Electronic testing devices in testing centers comprise a testing security threat as well, and they have Led to counteractive measures to prevent fraud.
The increase in the body weight compared to the cancer induced group at 1 week after PDT treatment indicates the counteractive property of the treatment (Khan and Tisdale 1999; Gayathri et al.
A He forecast an increase in the number of immigrants and said he informed the caretaker Interior Minister Yordan Bakalov and caretaker PM Georgi Bliznashki on the possible counteractive measures.
Root cause analysis (RCA) is targeting at identifying the causes of problems in processes for directing counteractive actions [21].
Creating educational silos champions a pernicious type of segregation that is counteractive to preparing Black students for a diverse and multicultural Canada in the view of the CC.
As a result, strong counteractive steps must be taken to rid the workplace of these insidious patterns of behavior.