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opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action

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Degradation of manPE is controlled by two counteractive factors of chain scission and crosslinking reaction.
Thus, all other agencies that do not ascribe to a Bank-constructed set of The Three Ones is seen as counteractive to the HIV/AIDS response.
In this analytical framework we assume the foreign variables as parameters, and their counteractive influences are fully ignored.
Thus, by allowing for packer aversion toward risk, our model explicitly accounts for the counteractive risk and collusive effects of the Act.
Where a second omen overlaps the first one heard, but giving a strongly counteractive indication, it may be said that rumo ngaranggong di-diri ('your opponent has trumped you').
This counteractive ability is especially useful when business specifically targets a competitor, as illustrated when a local, independent retailer or producer identifies and then encourages coupon redemption (regardless of source), or when Voices for Choices targeted SBC (now AT&T) as a greedy and unethical corporation (Bocij, 2002).
On one hand, they can be interpreted by participants as counteractive antidotes that reverse the give-and-take of shopping at Walmart, offering healing for free as a subversive alternative to the spending of money for material goods that characterizes secular forms of consumerism.
Dr Gordon Campbell, managing director of International Spar, said: "Spar has been welcomed by the Chinese government as a counteractive force against increasing competition from international retailers and a supporter of independent business.
The Fed can react to this signal and take a counteractive measure absorbing the unwanted liquidity.
Still, many see Koizumi's warning as rather counteractive in terms of stopping the BOJ from terminating the current policy.
Equipping and Sustaining our Soldiers Team Award -- The following three teams were selected for their contributions for defeating improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and developing counteractive measures for repelling IED attacks.
GE Consumer Finance has fought this filing phenomenon with counteractive credit counseling measures.
Her letters to Rossetti on Whitman so impressed him with their fervorous insight that he urged her to publish them as a counteractive to the squeamishness, outrage, and plain misunderstanding that so widely characterized the poet's early reception.
Such simulation can alert administrators to impending problems so that counteractive measures can be taken.