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Synonyms for counteract

Synonyms for counteract

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

to make ineffective by applying an opposite force or amount

Synonyms for counteract

act in opposition to

Related Words

oppose or check by a counteraction

oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions

destroy property or hinder normal operations

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Military agencies and their contractor partners already use CounterACT to maintain visibility and control over connected devices under C2C, keeping IT systems in compliance with DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) security policies and U.
This integration employs the following Malwarebytes enterprise offerings which communicate bi-directionally with the ForeScout CounterACT console:
Prior to deploying CounterACT, we did not have an effective means of taking immediate action on these security issues, unless we entered directly through the firewall, well after the infraction was initiated.
Although wealth generally grows faster than the economy, there are few economic forces that counteract its natural tendency to become concentrated.
The company's CounterACT appliance dynamically identifies and assesses all network users, endpoints and applications to provide complete visibility, intelligence and policy-based mitigation of security issues.
The General Prosecutor's Office of Kyrgyzstan intends to counteract to publication of false information in the press, especially Kyrgyz language newspaper, Prosecutor General Aida Salianova told a press conference on Monday when asked how the Prosecutor's Office reacts to rumor-based publications in Kyrgyz language newspapers.
The music has been picked by Birmingham-based online music magazine Counteract, whose staff have also been selecting local music to be played at Villa Park on matchdays.
The research team determined that dihydromyricetin may provide a molecular target and cellular mechanism to counteract alcohol intoxication and dependence, leading to new therapeutic treatments--all based on a "folk medicine" treatment that has been used by humans for at least 500 years.
ForeScout's CounterACT NAC is aimed at warding off both malware attacks and insider fraud and also assisting with regulatory compliance.
Worldwide Computer Products News-15 October 2008-ForeScout adds CounterACT Edu and CounterACT Edge to NAC portfolio(C)1995-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
ForeScout Technologies, a provider of network access control (NAC) and policy management solutions for large enterprises, has reported that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is using its CounterACT family of network appliances.
This brief advocates fighting fire with fire by creative use of media to provide youth with positive messages that counteract the negative and potentially damaging messages to which they are so frequently exposed.
A JOHN Lewis advertfor a bracelet that promised to counteract "the positive ions created by modern technology" broke industry rules, a watchdog said.
The CounterACT CT-4000 is an agentless, appliance-based platform for the enforcement of network access control on endpoint machines.
Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has ordered all private radio and television stations to broadcast government propaganda to counteract what he called unfair coverage of his administration, reports AP (May 24, 2007).