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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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In the real estate industry, most things are negotiable and the landlord fully expects you to counter-offer.
The target of a counter-offer needs to be reminded that his or her long-term prospects remain unchanged, despite a bump in pay or title, and that the company now will view the individual as susceptible to other job offers in the future.
So-called salary counter-offers are a growing trend - a measure increasingly used by employers to retain key staff who try to leave.
Those who accept counter-offers become (premature) lame ducks who are distrusted by their employers because they were "unfaithful," and they are also less respected by search consultants and other employers who perceive that they have compromised basic principles.
In April 2000, after a series of offers and counter-offers, Marcley signed a written contract and was told by Nick Costides, COSCO, Inc.
In addition, due to the hostile nature of the bid, additional bidders and/or counter-offers by AT&T could cause material changes in the terms of this offer.
Our trading platform is not a new concept in marketing but will provide an Internet-based tool for the ethanol industry using the traditional marketing concepts of bids, offers, counter-offers and open negotiation.
In addition, the RFQ product's online negotiation module allows buyers and sellers to explore transaction options and make counter-offers.