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(psychoanalysis) the process whereby emotions are passed on or displaced from one person to another

the act of transfering something from one form to another


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This comprehensive guide to psychodynamic clinical practice within contemporary social work treatment reflects the richness of current thinking in dynamic psychotherapy and addresses such important topics as strategies for beginning therapy; establishing a relationship between therapist and client; understanding and using the client's transference and the therapist's counter transference to clinical advantage; methods for treating children and adolescents; and time-limited therapy and dynamically-oriented case management.
I realize my own counter transference with Anthony.
She also warned that therapists should be aware of different types of transference and counter transference related to cultural differences.
While the filmmaker's purpose is to examine this issue as it applies in any relationship, this dynamic can certainly arise in particular in therapists' counter transference responses to long-term patients.
The cases invite counter transference and the loss of emotional distance.