counter conditioning

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conditioning in which a second incompatible response is conditioned to an already conditioned stimulus

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The results of the interviews also demonstrated evidence of behavioral processes of change when the administrators were speaking about Facebook and Twitter, including helping relationships, counter conditioning, and stimulus control.
Counter Conditioning defined as replacing previous actions with new procedures also existed.
Action Reinforcement Management Helping Relationships Counter Conditioning Stimulus Control 5.
If a majority of students are already in Action, universities can facilitate behavioral processes like Counter Conditioning and Stimulus Control (e.
Counter Conditioning was supported through increased non-alcohol entertainment options for students.
Food serving with serving counter conditioning and rear rack system with regeneration system, sink with dishwasher basket, storage area with refrigerators, delivery area, garbage area with offal cooler.
Phase 2: shelves, cabinets, MinkE-che, desk, counter conditioning (Part / Lot 1) and acoustic wood wall covering (part / lot 2)
The respective stages of construction include the following work - Section 1: N (see comments in this Performance Specification) : - Phase 2: shelves, cabinets, MinkE-che, work table, counter conditioning (part / lot 1) and acoustic wood wall covering (part / lot 2).