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a blank check provided by a bank for the convenience of customers who are making withdrawals

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based Peoples Credit Union selected to implement its back counter check processing solution through a direct relationship, leveraging the conveniences of its VServe data center.
The new keyboards have been configured to provide shortcuts tailored to the frequently used functions within DNA, including deposit, withdrawal, check issue, counter check, regular payment, ledger disbursement, ledger receipt and services.
The new system cuts check in time for customers by about 50 percent when compared to average counter check in times.
Customers have told us that using the kiosk cuts their time in half compared to average counter check in times.
3VR's CEO Stephen Russell states, "Our nation's banks lose up to $5 billion annually in over the counter check fraud.
Ticket counter check in is only necessary if passengers need to purchase a ticket, pay for ticket changes, or change their flight.
The availability of the CR-55 effectively creates a complete end-to-end Canon check scanning solution - one that combines teller capture and remote deposit with typical back counter check processing operations," said Mark Machida, director, Image Filing Systems Division for Canon U.
As we are unable to accurately find out how much damage a business or person has suffered, we carry out counter checks against his previous business performance.
Counter checks call in wake of murder of baby Aaron
Steve Onufrey, an executive in the financial services solution department at IBM, points out that "with advancements in teller platform systems, consumers are seeing an overall reduction in paper--with fewer banks using deposit slips, counter checks and other traditional lobby paper.
The children then move over to the main cash desk, where the chief cashier counter checks that the figures tally and sends the children on their way with a smile.
Regarding the post-refund audits, he said these were meant as counter checks on bogus claims.
What is the package of remedies and counter checks through which the possibility of repetition of such smuggling by misuse of transit facilities can be eliminated?
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank South (Nasdaq: BKSO) announced today that to enhance customer service in its offices and reduce fraud and errors related to hand written deposit slips and counter checks, beginning November 1, customers will be charged $1.