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Synonyms for countenance

Synonyms for countenance

an outward appearance

a disposition of the facial features that conveys meaning, feeling, or mood

the front surface of the head

to lend supportive approval to

to be favorably disposed toward

Synonyms for countenance

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The photographer's stuffed, out-of-it face is countenanced by that of a partially decimated roast pig.
Yet even if circumstances compel us to become far more entangled in military conflicts abroad than the Founders would have countenanced, surely it is all the more important to heed their warnings about the perils of the militarization of society and state, it has been noted in far more recent times, by commentators who are neither leftists nor libertarians, that there is an almost inherent tension between a democratic polity and the armed forces.
This mentality should not be countenanced for the people of Scotland, who have one of the worst health records in the world.
Ridsdale was the man who countenanced ex-boss David O'Leary's transfer spending spree.
To construe the statutory scheme of the OSP as not running afoul of Article I, Section 3 would require a strained construction of the Florida Constitution that is not countenanced under the law.
Imagine, for instance, what a dreadful piece of smarmy pastiche would have emerged in Britain, even if the idea had been countenanced in the first place.
St Vincent's claim that if it was Wexford or Kildare who were involved, such treatment would not have been countenanced by the Leinster Council.
This type of conduct cannot and will not be countenanced by the court.
had countenanced Iraqi violence, threat, and intimidation for years.