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counting backward from an arbitrary number to indicate the time remaining before some event (such as launching a space vehicle)

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From the start, the countdowns were a hit, reaching customers in 45 states and more than a dozen countries.
In addition, customers will now be able to create countdowns spanning 300 days or more.
Ajman: The countdown traffic light system in Ajman has seen a zero accident rate at intersections, its police chief said.
Ajman Police in cooperation with Ajman Municipality is installing the traffic countdown system on 95 per cent of the emirate's intersections.
What she hadn't accounted for was the Whiteley factor, the inevitable reminders, during the recording of her final programme in Leeds last month which will be shown this Friday, of her great friend and mentor Richard Whiteley, presenter of Countdown from its inception in 1982 through to his untimely death in 2005.
But suddenly he was there on the screen as the first face to be seen on Channel 4 when the channel began in 1982 and then kicking off the output with the first edition of Countdown.
CHANNEL FOUR were going to hold Des O'Connor to his Countdown contract until he threatened to sing his way out of the studio.
Stelling is great at telling us the scores with a smile on his face, which is all the Countdown host has to do.
The format of countdowns resembles a sporting event.
We also want order, and countdowns obviously give us order.
HE has been re-reading the Oxford dictionary all his life, studies bus timetables for fun and has taken Countdown by storm.
Kasem was also recently inducted into the prestigious Broadcasting Radio Hall of Fame and received 1992 Billboard Awards for both countdown shows.
The schedule for the hotels' "Re-launch and Renewal Countdown," which will include visits with corporate clients, media interviews and interactive employee meetings with President Cooper and his corporate leadership team, is as follows:
is the exclusive sponsor for the Official Countdown of the Times Square 2014 New Year's Eve Celebration, it was announced today.
TOSHIBA VISION LED Screens Atop One Times Square to Serve as Hub for Countdown Festivities